Ever since I bought my first Colplay album in 2001 I have hoped to see them in concert. So when a local radio station held a call-in contest to win tickets, I repeatedly attempted to be the 10th caller. I got tired of that game after the 3rd or 4th day. When I looked online to see how much the tickets were, the cheapest seats were listed for $300 a piece and the best seats were over $700! I’ve been in the nose bleed section at the Energy Solutions Arena before and I wasn’t about to give $300 more than a fleeting thought, even for Coldplay.

Patience and determination. They always pay off. I checked back online a few days later and found that the prices listed before were not for the “official release” of tickets. Stupid scalpers!! Thankfully I was only slightly tempted to splurge earlier. After a rush call to bring hubby on board, I hopped online and bought our tickets for $99 each. That was at the end of June.coldplay-notlost8001

Fast-forward to November 21, 2008… Seeing Chris Martin and the band put on their show did not disappoint my 5 months (or 7 years) of anticipation. They were incredible!

One of the coolest things they did was to have big blowers (like a leaf blower) shoot out colorful confetti–from way up above the crowd–in the shape of butterflies. At one point during the song, the lighting gave it the appearance of real butterflies fluttering above the crowd. At another point the black light made them glow. Both moments worth a gasp.

As is usual, video doesn’t do being there live justice, and if you don’t know the song, it sounds chaotic, but… Here’s a pretty cool video of our concert and the butterflies. Be sure to click on “watch in HD” below the bottom right corner of the video.

Their hi-tech big screen and other fancy stuff, along with Chris’s energy made it a concert of a lifetime. Alan is not as big a fan of Coldplay as I am, but he really enjoys them and knew several of their songs. He loved the concert. I didn’t want it to end.

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