Sanity, Mac & Cheese, and the New Year

The closing of 2008 brought some big changes to our lives. After a whirlwind of finals, work, and the big dumping of snow, the biggest change came from Southern California by the name of Samantha.

We picked up Samantha the Friday before Christmas and brought her to Utah where she saw many things for the first time including snow and the inner workings of a large, close family.

Initially we were only going to have her for two weeks, but Alan’s mom has to have chemotherapy now. We’ll be keeping Samantha for the rest of her school year and we’ll see what happens after that. It’s been a tricky shuffle with Alan in school all day and studying at night and me at work and school, but thanks to the new nanny (my mom) we’re working it out.

Samantha is a joy to have around. We had a nice Christmas and it was so fun to have a child to shop for and see the season through new eyes. Sam’s a naturally happy girl and very helpful, rarely complaining when we ask her to do things. She really enjoys playing games with us. She hasn’t said it, but there’s no denying the look of happy eagerness on her face that she loves sitting down together for dinner at the table. She’s making a great effort to keep some new rules and change some behaviors. She started school here (boy, that’s been a story of its own) and had her teeth worked on by the dentist. She’s a trooper. I’m proud of her. We all have some adjusting to do, but we’re grateful for the opportunity to have her with us.

The other big change was having two weeks off of school. It was my first real break from school since I started last March. As 2009 rolled in, so did lazy afternoons of movies, naps, Skipbo, Mac & Cheese, and the peacefulness that can only be attributed to the true meaning of Christmas. All of this has equaled sanity and gratitude in my world.

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