Remembering Father’s Day

As a follow up to my confrontation post… The last encounter with Samantha did happen as planned. And thankfully after I cooled off from those crazy days. Another girl’s day turned out great. We had a really good “you’re becoming a young lady now” discussion over ice cream. It was one of those moments I hope she will always remember. We shopped for a Father’s Day gift, ate at IKEA, got drenched in the pouring rain running from stores to the car, went for ice cream, and watched Hair Spray after we got back home. Sweet life.

Alan was pleased to have a day all to himself. He went hiking and then took himself out to dinner and a movie. It was a much deserved break from full-time Mr. Dad. It was also a good start to Father’s Day.

This Father’s Day was a special one since it was Alan’s first. We’ve both had an interesting introduction to parenthood and, knowing the challenges that both Alan and Samantha have had in their growing years, we are especially grateful right now for the blue prints of life in the gospel. There’s no doubt that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the reason for so much happiness in our lives. We know it is why we have all come to be together. Despite the challenges we have with her, we feel such a strong, unearthly connection with this little girl in our lives. Alan works really hard to be the best dad and husband he can be. And I’m still amazed by him daily. It’s not even an action that does it. Sometimes it’s just being near him. If you have never felt the purety of my Al’s spirit, you’re truly missing something. Amazed, I say.


Happy Father’s Day to my Dad also! He’s been a gigantic comfort in my life. He’s a man of fewer words than some (now you know where I get it). But you know that when he has something big to say, it’s coming from a root planted deep in his soul. He’s smart, talented, and everything a dad should be. Talk about a trustworthy man!

And Alan’s Dad too. Willy is a much loved man. He was tough on his boys as kids, but he was hard working and provided for his family. He’s got so much love and it’s been one of Alan’s greatest joys to see him soften in recent years. We’re grateful for his laughter and teasing and love for us.

Happy (belated) Father’s  Day to all the Father’s I know. I admire all of you!

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