Cherry Picking

We’d been eyeing our neighbor’s cherry tree as we walked to church the past few weeks. It was loaded! Last Sunday, when we saw that they were at their peak of ripeness, Alan decided to ask our neighbor if we could possibly pick some of her cherries for our FHE activity. Since her family won’t allow her to get on a ladder, she was grateful somebody would pick them.


Here are the results.


This bowl is about 18 inches in diameter which, when this full of cherries, turned out to be about 15 lbs. And when the “Health Inspector” (a.k.a. Samantha) and I were done inspecting them, there were only about 1 lb that were not edible. Woohoo!

When it came time to eat them, Samantha said, “But I’m allergic to cherries.” Being “allergic” is what she says when she doesn’t think she will like something, which is pretty often. It was quite humerous to watch her try a cherry for the first time…it was kind of like gradually getting used to cool water in a swimming pool. Sure enough, she is now a fan of cherries.

I love fresh cherries. I love them for their flavor and because I have great childhood Summer memories associated with them. Our family camped at Cherry Hill up in Farmington several times and I often ate myself sick as a kid. Actually, I haven’t changed much as an adult. But they are always worth it! And these were perfect. Perfect for eating ourselves sick and perfect for sharing with visiting teaching peeps and neighbors and work colleagues and family who stopped by. Almost a week later there is only about 1 lb left of them. That won’t last past tomorrow. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

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