Our First Crop

There’s nothing like fresh vegetables out of a home grown garden! This is actually my first real garden, thanks to Alan and our landlords allowing us a bit of earth to grow it. Samantha and I helped in the planting process and with some weeding since then, but Alan has been the primary care taker. 

We’ve been enjoying a few crook-neck squash here and there for about a month now, but yesterday Alan gathered a real crop and made a salad using  only vegetables from our garden: lettuce, tomatoes, pear tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and green and ivory bell peppers.    

The Garden

We threw some Swiss cheese cubes and a light garlic lemon juice dressing on it which didn’t drown the flavors of the veggies like Ranch or other dressings might. We had Bear Creek potato soup with chunks of Swiss cheese in it as our side dish. It was delicious!!

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