Stadium of Fire

We wanted to take Samantha to The Stadium of Fire this year, what with Provo’s celebration of Independence Day being “one of the largest and most impressive July Fourth celebrations in America“. I’m sure that’s kind of like every city or restaurant saying they have the best BBQ in the U.S.–it depends on who you ask. If you were to ask us, TSOF is pretty spectacular. And seeing as how The Jonas Brothers were THE headliner of the night this year, we were hoping to make it happen.

Then when the request for soldiers to volunteer to help and get free family tickets in exchange, we were all over it. Since we ended up with two extra tickets, Alan invited two of my neices to join us so Samantha could have someone close to her age to share the experience with.

Here’s the poster Sydnie and I helped Samantha make.


First of all, though, we hung out in Bountiful with a bunch of cousins and had good grub and water sliding down Aunt Ginny’s hill. My sister, Katie and family rolled into town from Seattle the night before so it was a great start to the family festivities that were to come later.

(Does anyone know how to make it so the Slideshow appears inside the post?)

Alan is Mr. On Time and he’s extremely kind about his wife being the opposite much of the time.  We made it to the BYU stadium just as the parking lots were opening. At 4:00 p.m.! The show started at 8:00. Uh huh. But hey, we got there so early the volunteers checking the list twice before letting just anyone in hadn’t been fully instructed yet. We were the ONLY spectators in the stadium until we got bored 15 minutes later and wandered outside the stadium. The next time we tried to get in, the volunteers were overly informed and wouldn’t let soldiers families in, although they were supposed to.

So here are Samantha and Maddie (Syndie joined us later, after she had enough fun swimming with cousins at their hotel). My mom bought them new shirts with cute matching scarfs for the occasion.


Alan encouraged the girls to roam around. He was so great about helping them to make the most of the experience. They even stood on the very stage where Nick, Joe, and Kevin would be singing. The girls chatted with some of the teenage volunteers getting things ready, asking them all kinds of questions…”Did you get to see the Jonas Brothers?… Where are they now?… Did you talk to them?… Which one is your favorite?…” while Alan and I watched with chuckles and even visited with Glenn Beck for a few minutes (he was the M.C. for the night).

Maddie and Samantha were sure we could locate the JBs in their trailer. The tip was that they were nestled under the stadium bleachers through Portal W eating their dinner. The girls made every attempt to convince us for the next 4 hours to go find them. Maddie was absolutely, positively, certain that she was their #1 fan. As such, how could they refuse her?!

Here we are settled in our spots on the field, waiting for the show to begin. Of course I ask at this point, “Does anyone need to go to the bathroom before it starts?” And then, just as the hundreds of dancers were all getting ready to come on the field and surround us, Samantha has to go.

And here’s plenty of hoopla!

I have video of Samantha dancing that is absolutely priceless, but I haven’t figured out how to add video.

Alan’s job as a military volunteer was to help with a special flag retirement ceremony. He and many other soldiers marched in with flags as part of the tribute to the proper disposing of a gigantic flag. We couldn’t really see him from where we were, but hey, what’s that to the Jo-Bros?!

Definitely a memorable night.

One thought on “Stadium of Fire

  1. I think Alan’s on-timeness is on the crazy side. But once, my sister and I went so early to an open seating Indigo Girls show that they let us go with the group of 20 other people who had won tickets to meet the Girls and get their autograph. It was awesome! So i guess being early has its perks.

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