We Also Sing! 2009 Begins

This is my 2nd year as a member of the We Also Sing! choir. If you haven’t heard about it, let me just tell you. If I have told you, here’s an always needed reminder.

Merrilee Webb currently teaches full-time at Dixie University, taught for several years at BYU Hawaii, created her own piano method called Reading Keyboard Method, owns her own recording studio, and has been asked to direct many, many choirs around Utah, including the Relief Society and Young Women choirs for the LDS church’s General Conference over the past few years. She knows her stuff!

About 6-7 years ago she started a choir of women, simply for the love of singing. The first choir was around 130 women and they performed in the Temple Square Assembly Hall. The numbers and location stayed that way for the next several years until she was struck with inspiration to plead for the coveted opportunity to sing in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. The powers-that-be agreed with the stipulation that she could fill all 364 seats. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do it, but she knew it had to happen and it did.

That change happened during my first year, in 2007. That same year she started a men’s choir as well. Last year I couldn’t join because I was going to school and would miss some rehearsals. I felt the void of not being a part of it so much and here’s why.

Merrilee Webb is a woman fulfilling her life’s mission. This is obvious when you get to be around her. She inspires  people in such a way that every choir member walks out of rehearsal feeling taller than when they walked in. She’s hilarious and blunt and loving and in-tune. She’s simply motivational in all the best of ways. The We Also Sing! choir turned out to be more than just about the love of singing because Merrilee’s life is not just about music, it’s about helping people everywhere recognize their divine power, their worth, and the gifts they have to offer others. Even if you already think you know those things, the Merrilee Webb experience will change you.

Last night was our first of 10 weekly rehearsals. We’ll perform on November 28th, the Saturday after Thanskgiving and weekend of the Christmas lighting of Temple Square. We’re singing all Christmas songs this time and half of them were arranged/written just for us.

Because she inspires so many, I want to share what she teaches. I will be back here each week to write about what I learned in rehearsal. Last night was mostly about getting back in the game and although she said some wonderful things, I’ll save them for another time.

Your comments are the butter to my bread.

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