5 Things: A Work in Progress

Yesterday’s list of 5 successes was hard to write. It took several moments of me staring at the screen in a Whinney the Pooh, “Think. Think. Think.” type of pose before I reached in deep and pulled those things out. I wondered what I was doing until I remembered my year of keeping a gratitude journal. I remembered that some days were stretching it a bit, but the purpose of the mission was accomplished: I looked for the blessings in my life more and was happier because of it. This is sort of the same, only it’s more personal in a way because I have to praise myself. It’s as bad as going to a job interview and talking yourself up. Uggh.

I realize this is brag-dimony type of blogging, but I as part of my re-prioritizing that I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m done apologizing for my “bad” behavior– unless I harm someone, then I might consider it. Sometimes, I have to go to extremes to learn my lesson.

I would like to think it was because of my late night blogging, documenting my new agenda, that I felt happier today than I have in a long time so I’ll say it was. That’s why I’m back today.

5 Successes/Day 2:

1. Didn’t talk myself into going back to sleep after the alarm went off. That would have meant going back on my word of waking Samantha up earlier because she’s been late for school lately.

2. Job hunted. My least favorite thing to do, but there was one promising lead after my hours of searching.

3. Managed to pull off Family Home Evening tonight after skipping it yesterday due to loads of 5th grader homework. When having FHE was imposing on her reading time (whoo hoo! that she’s concerned), Samantha asked, “Why can’t we do it tomorrow?” I answered, “Because we’ll just keep putting it off.”  It’s true. We do that.

For our lesson/activity we wrote down the blessings we want to see fulfilled in the next year and sealed them up to open on New Years Eve 2010-2011. (My mom’s idea for our whole family.)

4. Although it was a strong possibility, I didn’t burn the house down–thus my brother’s family’s house (downstairs apartment)–when I forgot about the water boiling. Seriously! I’ve never seen a pan steam with nothing in it before. So maybe that wasn’t me that accomplished this, but it could have been worse.

5. Asserted my creative juices (which I all-too-often bury) and started a “Welcome Home” sign for my sis and bro-in-law for their return from their honeymoon. (I had a whole sentence of apologizing for my drawing and I deleted it. Aren’t you proud of me?!)

Like me, the sign is a work in progress. I’ll have to take an “after” photo.

One thought on “5 Things: A Work in Progress

  1. My wish list includes you NOT getting a job, but more clients for your massage. And good job in not apologizing. You remind me of the lines from a movie: Stop saying you’re sorry; it really annoying.”
    “Oh, sorry. Sorry.”

    You couldn’t get any better your are mortally perfect!

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