A Merry Wedding of Divine Design

I can’t resist. I have to write about my sister’s being wedded to my husband’s best bud. And, ooh,  it’s a good story! How I love to write stories.

Alan became friends with John Barney through his ward. They were both single, never been married and thus had a bit to relate to in each other. They both had home teaching companions that were often no-shows so for a while John and Alan would go together and teach both sets of their families.

John moved home with his parents several years ago because his mom was sick with cancer. His mother passed around 6-7 years ago (I think) and he stayed around to take care of his dad and brother Irch.  His dad died in 2007 and his brother Mike died not long after. John again stepped in and helped Mike’s wife and kids through that rough time. He was a great friend to me while Alan was gone to Iraq, often texting me in concern that I was okay being all alone.  Those few details say a lot about him, wouldn’t you say?

The thing is, when I first started to get to know John in 2007, I thought Emilie might get along great with him, but by the time I was serious about lining them up, she was already dating someone else. My sister… well, she’s the oldest of my siblings. She’s been through a lot of crap (there’s not a better word for it)  in her life. She and I have had reason to commiserate in the past and lean on each other in learning how to come out of the dark. She definitely deserved better than she got in many aspects of her life.

Timing. It’s SO often about timing. Emilie needed to go through her experience with the other guy and John was in the throws of his own complicated life trials. At the time I wanted them to meet, it would not have happened. AND THEN…

In August 2008, Alan and I were to attend two nights of plays at Tuacahn in St. George with John and his sister-in-law. Alan decided after the first night, with the not-so-wonderful play and the 100 degree heat, the temptation to go 4-wheeling with my dad and brothers in the mountains outweighed a second evening at Tuacahn. Emilie was my date instead.

Yesterday on Facebook, someone wrote about how good things happen when we turn our lives over to Heavenly Father. A relative of hers commented “Man is inherently good. Don’t be too quick to jump to assumptions.” It’s true, Emilie and John are very good, intelligent, wise and resourceful people, but there is NO WAY these two could have gotten to their wedding day without a Heavenly design.

The seed was planted. I knew they justed needed to get in the same room. And then we needed to stay out of their way and the way of a Heavenly Father who wants us all to be happy.

Here’s a link to the wedding day photos by my awesome photographer brother:  http://photos.pagrimes.com/emjohnwedding

We are so happy to have my sister and her kids living near us now. Here’s the finished “Welcome Home” sign, hung up at their house. I forgot my camera so the best I got in my hurry mode yesterday was with my phone. Unfortunately the sign fell before they arrived home. 😦 I put a sign on my niece and nephew’s bedroom doors as well. It was fun.

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