5 Successes: 1. I Survived…

…Today was a day that I’m just glad is over. It had its dark moments so I definitely needed to take a closer look at my 5 successes of the day. (Yesterday’s were written in my journal.)

2. Was showered and dressed before taking Samantha to school.

3. Took down my Christmas decor. Love that feeling of less ‘stuff’. I also LOVE the comfort and satisfaction of rearranging the other stuff and its familiar newness, the stuff that went into hibernation for the month of December.

4. Got Samantha to her friend’s birthday movie in time.

5. Did research on this company I’m going to interview with tomorrow.

Are any of you doing 5 Successes? Despite my hard times today, I’m noticing a difference. If you haven’t tried it, take it into serious consideration. We’ll chat about it later.

One thought on “5 Successes: 1. I Survived…

  1. I am really liking these. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to anything for myself yet, so right now reading your successes is like a little boost and reminder for me.

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