5 Successes: Job. Check.

1. Made dinner. Gotta love Saturday night breakfast. Syrup in my hair and just noticed it–2.5 hours later. Nice! I probably haven’t done that since I was a toddler. Pretty impressive, eh?

2. Partook of another beautiful baptism in our ward.

3. Passed along notes from a dear man’s funeral service to others as an administrator of a group blog.

4. Went with my business partner/hubby to give a couples massage. How I love working with him. It aint so bad helping others feel good while working with him either.

5. Got the job! Yay, a somewhat steadier paycheck. Plus I get to keep my own practice in force while working there. I start at Solase Massage and Oxygen Bar in Orem on Monday.

I’ve discovered some great things during this 5 Successes project so far. For one thing, I’m not the only one who wondered if it was possible to find 5 things I achieved in a day. It just proves to me that too many of us are too hard on ourselves. You women who have commented that you can’t do it– I greatly admire you for the things you do and who you are. All of you. No excuses, girls! Ok, maybe you do have excuses, but I would strongly suggest just trying it for a week.

And the other thing,… I’m happier. I know I’m only a week into this and I have a lot of fear to conquer yet BUT, believing in myself makes it SO much easier to stick to what’s most important in my life. I’m letting the little things go. It’s happening almost by itself. I can’t stop now.

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