5 Successes: Sassy Sunday

I wasn’t going to blog today because (once again) I thought, “Who cares?” Which is why I’m here. I’ve got to push through those ‘Who cares?’ moments. That’s a lesson I’m trying to learn: Who cares? Be myself.

Besides that, I’m starting my new job tomorrow. I don’t know what the next few evenings will be like and if I’ll make time for this project here.

1. I didn’t get banned from Sunday School class for not abiding by the new rule of moving to the upper quadrant of benches after 3 lectures (6, if you count last week) on why it was important.

2. Didn’t get banned from Sunday School for giving a sassy remark to the teacher for not moving up.

3. Went to a Missionary meeting–even though we got our signals crossed and I went at the wrong time. At least it gave me the opportunity to get the signals un-crossed.

4. Didn’t complain about leaving the house to go visit some friends, even though I just wanted to lay in bed and let my headache go away.

5. My family still wanted to play games with me even though I’ve been rather cranky today.

Sometimes that’s how life is.

5 thoughts on “5 Successes: Sassy Sunday

  1. You’re right. Sometimes…oft times that’s how life is. You are so cute! Love your personality! Go ahead and sass–sounds like Grandma Sammy. There are lots of rules we need to obey, and people can just back off the rest of the stuff.

  2. These are truly awesome! Although as a current GD teacher, shame on you, move up! totally kidding!!! I keep wanting to do this, why is it so hard! Congrats on the job.

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