5 Successes: First Week Down

Due to a little craziness in my new schedule combined with my old one, it feels really good to have reached a week’s mark since I started at Solase. Since it’s been a few days, I’m going to post my 5 Successes of the past handful of days rather than play catch up.

1. Remembered what it was like to be given service unconditionally and felt immensely grateful once again.

2. Heard the first, said-in-anger “I don’t really want you to be my mother” statement from Samantha and I didn’t take it personally. I actually almost chuckled. I’m sure she’s thought it many times before in the year that she’s been with us, but feared saying what she was thinking. Yay, that she’s able to express her feelings. That’s HUGE! Oh, and she later said she was sorry, gave me a hug and is back to her sweet self.

3. Had more clients in one week than I ever have since becoming a Massage Therapist.

4. Tried a recipe for delicious bread that I now want to make regularly, thanks to my cousin Amber and her tip on this Amish White Bread (which I made with white and wheat flour).

5. Discovered that life is EXCEPTIONALLY better when I love “what I do for a living”. Hearing my husband tell me that he’s observed my happiness makes it that much more rewarding and worth the sacrifices to get here.

Cheers to a new week!

2 thoughts on “5 Successes: First Week Down

  1. Actually, the bread recipe was the tip. Sorry for the confusion. But I came up with a tip: I wouldn’t add quite as much sugar to the white bread as it calls for. The 2/3 cup for wheat was perfect, but I think I would like the white even better with less sugar. Although you could try it the way it’s written and decide for yourself.

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