muse-ic: a life source for inspiration

Any way I try to explain the way I feel about it… Nope, even the most beautifully penned words I can Google on the subject are all understatements of describing an ultimate gift of life: MUSIC.

Ah, but here I will try.

I’m not a particularly great pianist, singer or dancer, but my training and experience in all of the above has enhanced my passion for music. All of it together has educated me in a way that if it was deleted from my life, I would be empty.

I could blame my mom. She sang many a memorized song to all of us as babies and beyond. I was baby #4 so I’m sure her lullabying started while I was in utero. But actually I think I’ve just been getting a reminder and a sneak preview of the exquisite power of music my spirit already knows. I believe this power does not just come through songs about my God and Savior, at the same time I have no doubt that the truth in all music speaks of Their brilliance.

I have thought of the unearthly power of music countless times, including the other night when I heard Justin Timberlake and Charlie Sexton sing their Hope for Haiti Now rendition of Hallelujah (WOWzer!) and again last night in my car while eating my In-N-Out.

As I ate my burger I remembered that my We Also Sing! choir CD was in my car’s player. (One of the things that sets this particular choir apart is that we get a professional recording of our concert.) I hesitated to listen to the CD because it was Christmas music and (surprise, surprise) I do like a little break from it–but then I pushed ‘play’ anyway. Once again, I was moved to chills and tears. It was not just the music that moved me; in those moments, I relived the experience of it all.

Some of the most memorable experiences of my life were set to music and because of this I’m convinced there should be a soundtrack to our lives. I’ll share a bit of what mine would contain. Whenever I hear these songs or albums the feelings and memories come rushing back.

1975+: “Mother I Love You”When I think of this song I hear–in my mind–both my mom singing and the creaks of the wooden rocking chair.

1982:  Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” and Sylvia’s “Nobody”Standing on a chair to make me tall enough for the vacuum to be used as my microphone while singing in my bedroom.

1987: “Wind Beneath My Wings” – My first piano solo in the Jr. High talent show which started my choir ‘career’.

1990: “When You Say Nothing At All” The first time I fell in love.

1987-1993: Tchiakovsky or Janet Jackson’s Rythm Nation album – The exhilaration of performing on stage as a ballet and Drill Team dancer.

1990: Alabama’s Christmas Album – Catching the Spirit of Christmas like never before while hearing my brother twanging, “Oh, Thistle Harrr the Christmas Barrr.”

1994-1998: Def Leppard, Celine Dion, the soundtrack to Bed of Roses – The great years with JF.

1999-2001:  Sting’s All This Time album Discovering a love for Jazz music while living in Topeka, Kansas and hearing live Jazz in Kansas City.

2002: Coldplay Shopping on The Magnificent Mile in Chicago (cuz I bought my first of their albums there).

2005:  Kurt Bestor & Sam Cardon’s “Requiem” The #1 salve outside of the temple for PTSD.

2006:  George Strait’s “She Let Herself Go” My new start. My trip to Hawaii.

2006:  Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” Bundled to the max while walking the cobblestone streets of Amsterdam to the pace of it playing on my brand new iPod.

2007:  Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” Singles dances and meeting my man.

2007: Pussycat Dolls’ “Sway” Alan teaching me to ballroom in my Orem basement apartment.

2008:  Dan Fogelberg’s “I’m Missing You” Mowing the lawn while Alan was in Iraq.

2007 & 2009:  My We Also Sing! CDs Singing in the Salt Lake Tabernacle and feeling a power unlike anything I’ve experienced.

There’s a start.

Care to share some of your music memories?

Ok. Here’s a fitting quote by Sergei Rochmaninov: “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.”

8 thoughts on “muse-ic: a life source for inspiration

  1. Okay Lynsie, you so do not strike me as the Def Leppard type. Love Def Leppard and all those other hair bands!

    I still play songs in my head from our senior year of Ladies Ensemble. Being a part of that group brought me a lot of comfort and peace that I still draw from today. I have a tape somewhere, but it isn’t the best quality. 😉

    1) The Hitman by AB Logic was my favorite drill team dance of all time.

    2) Faithfully by Journey (really anything by Journey).

    3) Another Sad Love Song by Toni Braxton reminds me of a time of heartache and stupidity(mostly heartache because of stupidity).

    4) What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts– I cry my eyes out everytime I watch that video.

    5) Life Goes On by Leann Rimes– An anthem for any woman who has suffered heartache because of stupidity. 😉

    6) Ride On Time by Black Box– Great song from a great movie (The Cutting Edge).

    I could go on and on! Great post, I really enjoy “reading you.”

  2. Thanks, Adaire, for the complement and for reading my blog and commenting. I miss yours! Thanks for including a list as well. Those were great to read! And yes, Cutting Edge is a classic in my book.

    About the Def Leppard streak in me… It’s an element that has always been there in me. I think a shall have to write a post about that. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  3. I need to start writing in mine again. I’m out of material now though since I suffer from insomnia less these days. I haven’t seen a good infomercial in ages! I did start my family one again, but I only wrote in it once. It’s private now, I’ll send you an invite.

    I may just steal your music idea and write it on my “Odd” blog.

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