Small Choices: Entertainment (2)


And the Oscar goes to…

Since movies are one of my obsessions, it’s only fitting to put the Oscars in my little autobiography of Small Choices. The small choice that led me to this obsession was my sister getting cable in college. My mom would go through the TV guide and call her with a list of movies to record. In no time at all our shelves were LOADED with VHS recordings of classic and modern movies.

I don’t know which came first, that eclectic collection of recordings or my writing a play. I think I was 10 or so when I wrote “I’m a Mormon.” My friend Jenny and I performed it for our moms in my living room. It seems to me that it’s in my DNA to fancy theatricals.

In excavating this little quirk about me I have decided that if I had been born with any gumption to act, I very well… most definitely…  maybe would have gone into movie making. It’s the exposure to a different point of view than my own. It’s the escape from troubles. The getting lost in another town, state, country, world. It’s a universal way of connecting to others. I get lost in the details like camera angles, the set, knowing the reason the director made it, the soundtrack.

Tonight we went over to my sister’s house for an Oscar party. We printed out ballots, selected who we thought would win and in the end we… Well next year there will be a prize for the winner. We’ve decided to make it a tradition. This year my niece Sydnie won with 15 out of 24 correct. I got 8 correct. And even though none of us had seen much of what was on the ballot, it was still fun.

I’m surprised that Avatar didn’t win more awards than it did, but I think it’s good it didn’t sweep.

It was quite something that a female director won Best Director for The Hurt Locker.

I’m so happy Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side. She’s one of my faves. Now I must see the movie.

Those of us in our little party tonight pledged that next year we’ll be more prepared.

5 thoughts on “Small Choices: Entertainment (2)

  1. I love the idea for an oscar party like that. It sounds so fun! Do you dress up and pretend like you are in the audience? That would be pretty cool too.

  2. I want to come next year and dress up fancy. I think we should all go to the DI and get the fancies, gaudiest things to wear and overdo our make up. By the way. I loved Sandra Bullock’s dress the most. I like the academy for the clothes, so I think we need a fashion critic as well. Oh! We could wad up some fabric yardage on one side of our dress to look like–who was it? J Lo? It was beautiful.

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