Small Choices: Some Day

Some Day

“It’s never too late–in fiction or in life–to revise.” –Nancy Thayer

“I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today.” –Narihara


Al and I have this long running banter about the phrase “some day”. A typical conversation might go something like this.

Lynsie: (After seeing the photo below of England), “That is beautiful. I want to go to England!” She pauses, sighs and then says, “Some day.”

Alan: “What’s that? What do you mean ‘some day’? You can pretty much write it off if you say that. The dream flies right past you. Do you even remember all of your ‘some days’?”

Lynsie: “I will when they come back around. They’re still in my head somewhere. I’ll recognize that ‘some day’ when it shows up and say, ‘Hey, I’ve always wanted to do that and now here’s my chance.'”

Alan: “You should say ‘I am going to England.'”

In reality, we’re both right. He once said, “I am going to Australia.” And then he made it happen. I once said, “Some day I will go visit my friend Barbara in Holland.” The chance to go came and I went.

The point of my Small Choices “Some Day” task is to take a look at any of my buried dreams and see if anything can be done about them today. If we can or if we can’t, either way we watch for the seemingly ‘random’ events or small choices that will help us get to Some Day. There are some major some days in my life that I thought I could plan. Nope. That’s where my faith is tried and tried again.

One someday that gives me hope for others to come is becoming a massage therapist. If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be a massage therapist I would have thought you were off your rocker. “Me? Touch strangers? Have strangers lying on a table with little to no clothing on? Are you insane?!” But then…

It was a gorgeous day in Hawaii. I nearly talked myself out of it, but I spent the morning by myself at the spa. I declared my male therapist a Genius and afterward said to my traveling companion (a.k.a mom), “I want to learn to do that some day. I want to help others feel this good about themselves.” Then I met Alan who encouraged my dreaming. And now here I am– a once afraid to be touched, insecure and emotionally damaged woman, now offering that same sense of trust and healing to others that was offered to me.

Today at work, a 27 year old male came in who was clearly the most nervous client I had ever seen. As soon as I put my hands on his back to start his 30 minute session, he nearly jumped off of the table. That’s a slight exaggeration, but it was obviously difficult for him to be at ease with his scenario. He had very labored, shallow breathing and would gasp when I picked up my hand from one stroke and moved it to a new position on his back. After a few seconds of that, he apologized and admitted that he was afraid to be touched. He had come in for help to overcome that fear.

Although it was far more extreme than my situation, I understood this man’s fear. I could feel it coming from him and I prayed to know how to help him. I slowed down my movements and began to talk him through the process. After about 5 minutes into the session, our conversation evolved into comfortable chit chat. He was a chemical engineer who had gone to the same junior college that I had. We knew some of the same people. He was getting ready to move to Guam to work for the Navy. By this time he was still breathing pretty shallow but his anxiety had calmed to half of what it was. I told my client he was extremely brave, that very few with his fear would attempt what he had. He left me with a $20 tip.

I don’t tell that story to brag about my abilities or the tip, but to say that–that bit of assistance I can give people to a road of healing–is why I am a massage therapist. That particular ‘some day’ came.

So I’ve taken a look at some of my dreams (displayed below) and am determining what I can do about them TODAY.

(Left to right/top to bottom: House, SUV, have/adopt baby, go on cruise, visit Nauvoo again, gain health/earn $ w/ MonaVie, write a book, visit Washington State, go back to Hawaii, travel to England.)

One thought on “Small Choices: Some Day

  1. I hear you! I often think in my head: Oh to be in England now that April is there…


    Oh to be in England
    Now that April’s there,
    And whoever wakes in England
    Sees, some morning, unaware,
    That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf
    Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf,
    While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough
    In England – now!

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