House of Belonging: I adore things like that.

House of Belonging

“How do you define comfort? List five things that represent comfort for you.” –Something More…Sarah Ban Breathnach


This part of the project is about gathering things – images, fabrics, decor, anything that represent what “home” and the feeling of comfort means. Things that are food for the soul. This topic made me think of a scene in one of the movies that I watch over and over because of its comfort factor.

Meet Joe Black

(William Perish, his two daughters Susan and Allison, Allison’s husband Quincy, Susan’s boyfriend Drew, and Joe are all sitting together at the dinner table. The server offers Joe some food and he declines, but asks for his new discovery of peanut butter. Drew is sitting between them and watches this interchange.)

Susan to Joe: “Why do you like peanut butter so much?”

Joe: “I don’t know.”

Susan: “Hmm. I adore things like that– food I can’t do without. Don’t you?”

Joe: “Yes.”

Susan: “It comforts you doesn’t it?”

Joe: “Yes! I find that it does.”

Drew: “Mind if I throw up?”

Aside from movies and Alan as my ultimate comfort, here are 5 things I thought of tonight that I have a belonging, homey connection to; they bring me comfort. Things I adore.

My grandma’s china cabinet.

I grew up seeing this in her house in the SLC avenues. When she moved it went to live at my parent’s. And then I got it.

The overstuffed love seat.

I bought this love seat at an estate sale in Las Vegas 7 years ago for $75. I don’ t care that the fabric is old fashioned, I love it. It’s deep, and overstuffed is always comfy.

Alan’s sweatshirt.

I nabbed this from his drawer after he left for Iraq. He wore it quite often while we were dating so it reminded me of him more than any other object. It kept me company while he couldn’t.

Raspberry Leaf tea.

It’s good for what ails me, but it’s comforting too. I have a cup nearly every night these days with a few teaspoons of Stephen’s Citrus & Spice mixed in.

My piano.

It’s not an acoustic grand, but it’s the closest I can come in digital form. Playing it means therapy. I need some.

My The Sak purse.

Bought in Washington D.C. at the The Sak store while I was there for training about 6-7 years ago. I use it sparingly, but I love it and it represents a number of things I have like it. Things like this hold memories larger than their size or monetary value.

Don’t worry, I won’t have these things with me in my casket. I’m just grateful for the simple pleasures from Heaven.

2 thoughts on “House of Belonging: I adore things like that.

  1. I love your blog. You inspired me to write a gratitude jounal and I haven’t missed a day–well I have, but I made them up later.

    Dad says, “Lynsie writes so well.” I told him to tell you that, but don’t know if he did or not, and it’s worth hearing again.

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