Authentic Style: I Want Some

Authentic Style

Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.  ~Epictetus


Authentic Style in the Small Choices project is about what a person’s style says about them. Right now my style says “Getting by on what I got.” Or–because of my work dress code– “Black is the new pink.”

Some people don’t care what people think about them and think it’s stupid to judge people by what they wear. That’s great and I honor that opinion. But for me, fashion is fun. It’s joyful. I’m in awe of the gifts we are surrounded by.

Step 1 in Discovering Your Authentic Style is to look at a photo of you as a child and evaluate what it says about who you were before all the junk of the world took you over.

Ok, this one’s easy.

So I have this school portrait of me from when I was 5 years old that possibly said one of these statements about me.


1. really think I look adorable with scraggly, unkempt hair;

2. want to show off my favorite dress by preventing my hair from taking the spotlight;

3. can play ‘which of these is not like the other ones’ in years to come (mom had fashion sense and did a great job of making me look cute in every other school photo);

4. wanted to take a stand about my independence and didn’t tell my parents that it was Picture Day at school.

Judging by how stubborn I am still, I don’t doubt which statement is true.

Step 2 – Find a recent photo (2-5 years) of you that when you look at yourself, you smile inside or out.

Just as easy as the first pick, I went right to the one of me in Hawaii. I’m wearing a hat, shirt, skirt, and flip flops that I bought while there. It’s a favorite photo because my outfit was a little off beat from most of what I had previously had in my closet.

I’ve worn out all of the items except the hat, which I don’t want to wear out. I will keep it forever and EVER!

The Authentic Style journey is about finding colors and clothing and decor that make you smile; doing activities that make you feel joyous. I’ve been on that journey before, but not often enough.

I’ve heard it said of me that I’m too conservative. Maybe my wardrobe says that of me. And maybe that label comes to anyone who is “quiet”. I’m used to being figuratively shoved in that pigeon hole, but I’ve always thought it was a stupid way to think.

Samantha’s rubbing off on me with the “s” word. To get over my childish behavior, in this case, I should probably try harder to adorn myself with my authentic style. It’s not about caring what other people label me as. It’s about wearing, having, and doing things that make me smile inside and out.

Your comments are the butter to my bread.

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