Entertainment: Will Work for Food


Jumping for joy is good exercise.  ~Author Unknown


Tomorrow makes two weeks since I started my Small Choices project. I think it’s a good time to report how my project is working.

Although there are 9 categories that outline this project, I’m not looking to categorize each day. I’m looking for a moment, a philosophy, a thought, a memory–anything really–that pulls me into the categories and thought processes of shedding some old ways of thinking. They are crummy ol’ self destructive things and I got tired of them lurking around. When I’m self-destructive, I am not a good wife, good mom, good worker, good daughter. I’m miserable and wonder who stuck me with my problems in the first place. Sounds like a chair full of bowlies, right?

Crazy or not, self-obsessed or not, my project is working. There is still much work to be done in uncovering my true self and being true to that self, but I’m happier, better at my job, better at being happy with who I am, and I’m pretty sure my hubby likes me better.

Enough said about that. Let’s move on to today.

I had a hard time choosing which category to put it under because it really could fit under several: Authentic Success, Relationships, Return to Self. Because it turned out to be such a fun filled day, I landed on Entertainment.

After I worked at Solase, Alan and Samantha met me for lunch and then we drove to Salt Lake where Alan and I gave massages to couples attending a marriage seminar with the National Guard. We have attended two of them and they are very nice. The couples get to stay in a hotel for a few nights, be fed a few meals, listen to people give tips on strengthening your marriage, and they usually have activities available as well. They started this program after the Gulf War when soldiers were coming back with PTSD causing divorce and suicide at its worst.

Alan has been working for months toward getting this job going with the National Guard marriage seminars. We were so happy that it came to fruition and turned out so well. We had a great time meeting and working with the 9 couples that came through in the 3 hours we were there. While we worked, Samantha watched a movie on her portable DVD player, read her book, played in the hotel elevator, and ate brownies and soda pop to her heart’s content.

After the 3 hours flew by, we packed up and went to spend our tip money on dinner and shopping at The Gateway. We haven’t had a real outing since before Christmas and it was SO so much appreciated. We had such a great time!!

We ate at Z’ Tejas restaurant. MMM! I had the wild mushroom enchiladas, Alan had the catfish tacos, and Samantha had her usual–hamburger.

And we found something at Anthropologie to help me with my Authentic Style. Oh how I love that store! I will be reporting on our spoils tomorrow.

As for today, we were definitely jumping for joy.

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