Authentic Style: Sweet Find

Authentic Style

“Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful”–Ralph Waldo Emmerson


Yesterday, while we waited for our table at Z’Tejas at The Gateway, we stepped into my favorite store, Anthropologie. Just when I was feeling annoyed that I couldn’t justify spending $35 on hat I was wearing around the store, Alan found  some trinkets that support my Authentic Style hunt.

You see, I bought this bedroom dresser set a few years ago and the little knobs keep coming off. We keep gluing them back on, but that grew old the instant Alan found some whimsical knobs that were on clearance. Suddenly all 3 of us were scavenging the bins for our favorites.

Since they didn’t have as many in one style as I would need on sale, we got all different ones. They were too adorable to decide on one style anyway. Another great thing is that they are the screw type so we don’t have to mess with glue like the old ones.

These definitely spark those whimsical feel goods in me. I love Alan for discovering them and indulging with me. Thanks also be to my handy man of a hubby for cutting the screws to the right length and putting them on for me.

And here’s a picture of an Anthropologie bed and bedding set. Just because I went gah-gah over it.

italian campaign canopy bed

And here are more drawer knobs, pulls, etc.

I could stand to win a shopping spree here!

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