Mystery: The Capitol of Entrepreneurship


“Carpe per diem – seize the check.” -Robin Williams


Just a curious observation. I’m hoping some of you experts out there can enlighten me.

Can someone tell me what is the source of the ant colony-like community of entrepreneurs in this area? Is it just Utah? No, I’ve lived in two other states. Topeka was a bit behind the curve in national trends, but there were a whole lot of small business owners, namely manufactures and farmers. Las Vegas was ahead in some things, but very similar. Although the entrepreneur vibe is definitely more obvious here in Utah. At every turn is a small business owner. Is it all the universities nearby, BYU in particular, influencing young adults or putting out College of Business graduates? Is it our Mormon culture? I haven’t figured it out, but here’s what I’ve observed.

Utah surely has to have more young business owners than probably anywhere in the world. I’m sure there are statistics that prove this. I’ve heard they exist, but I can’t find them at my Googletips. I noticed this before I was a business owner, but it’s more obvious after having interacted with a greater variety of public since then.

What’s with all the…

  • Home Security Sales companies
  • Super Fruit Juice/Supplement company distributors
  • Internet Marketing firms
  • Insurance Agents
  • Neways
  • HerbaLife distributors
  • Natures Sunshine
  • Internet Marketing firms
  • Computer Tech firms
  • Shoe parties
  • Purse parties
  • Jewelry parties
  • Meal making parties
  • Pampered Chef parties
  • Scrapbooking parties
  • Scentsy parties
  • Book parties
  • Photographers
  • Vinyl Lettering makers

Is it a matter of following trends? Trying to be like our neighbor? Or is it that we have a history of small businesses succeeding that continues to live on? Is it because we believe in each other and work to support and build those businesses?

What say you?

3 thoughts on “Mystery: The Capitol of Entrepreneurship

  1. Utah is definitely the leader in Direct Marketing Companies. And I wonder if a small part of it is that so many LDS women are trying to work without leaving their homes. But beyond that, I don’t know what it is. It does seem to be sort of a cultural thing, but why?

  2. I think Utah also has the highest rate of bankruptsies (sp?), and one of the lowest wage rates in the nation – too many young folks that will work for peanuts – sorry Gabby, for tacos.

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