House of Belonging: Redecorating Living Room

House of Belonging

“Peace – that was the other name for home.”  ~Kathleen Norris


We’re on the verge of redecorating our living room. One day we will have a room that we can dedicate to just our massage clients, but for now our living room doubles as our office away from the office, occasionally.

We’re aiming for peace and functionality in our makeover. We have a few ideas, including the recovering of my 15 year old sofa (that will be a Hallelujah day).

Some ideas to start with…


Problem = Peace. Change.

Solution = A color scheme! Cream with accents of mostly black and some pink, blue, green, maybe red. I decided to base it on my china, already on display in the living room china cabinet.


Problem = Recovering the sofa…

Solution = Don’t want these colors, no. But the back pillows are a good option to replace the 4 smooshed pillows barely existing at this moment. I’m now on the hunt for the just rightupholstery. I would be giddy to have those feet on my couch as well.


Problem = Privacy for clients from the rest of the house; cozy comfort.

Solution = Curtains between the living room and dining room. These curtains cost as much as my right arm, but I might give it, I love them so.


Problem = Jiminy crap old carpet!

Solution = Since we’re renting at the moment the only solution is to get a large rug.

IKEA has many affordable options.


Problem = Travel trinkets currently decorating the living room.

Solution = Replace them with other things we have that need a new life in a new room. A few things (like this fan) can stay because they’ll fit the new scheme. The rest will go in storage until they can have a new home. Then later, when I pull them out again, they’ll be new all over again.


There we go. Now to save the pennies.

One thought on “House of Belonging: Redecorating Living Room

  1. I love the design of this post. You are so clever and artistic! Where did you find the curtains? Are you going to do the reupholstering? Great ideas. Paint the cabinet glossy black.

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