Authentic Success: Clueless Gardening

Authentic Success

“Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.”  ~Thomas Fuller


Seems like Spring has been slow in coming this year. Maybe we think that every year, just like people think it’s always too early to listen to Christmas music right after Halloween is over.

I was so happy to see some sunshine, though, and have the energy to work in my yard today. And I got it in just before it dropped 30 degrees and felt like Winter again. Gratefully, we only got rain with the coolness. It was a nice April shower that lasted for a few hours and has vanquished the dusty skies.

Cleaned up the winter collection of deadness in my flower bed and found a new type of grass growing there. After hours of pulling it, along with the snails it was hiding, out popped a bulb root on this grass. I have no idea what I’m pulling. It hasn’t been there in the past two Springs/Summers we’ve lived here. Maybe I shouldn’t have pulled it. They were probably something beautiful… like these water lilies.

Actually, the new grass looks better than our lawn. If our lawn weren’t so darn huge, we might have been better off letting it take over. Ah man! I shouldn’t have pulled it.

There are a few other new bulbs peaking out of the dirt and I look forward to seeing what they become. It’s an experiment.

My 5 year old niece, Abby, was out helping me today. She worked for an impressive 30 minutes, at least. When I told her what a great job she was doing and what a good helper she was, she said, “I know. And I even know how to plant flowers. You dig a hole in the dirt, put the plant in the hole, and then you dig dirt back in the hole.”

I said, “You are so smart! Where did you learn how to do that?”

She said, “I just figured it out.”

Abby’s response about sums up my philosophy on gardening. I’ll just figure it out my own, albeit probably the wrong way. At least I have one to figure out.

One thought on “Authentic Success: Clueless Gardening

  1. You probably pulled up Grape or Japanese Hyacinths. They are called different things, and have a couple of varieties. I pulled up grass today too in places it wasn’t supposed to be. My yard looks so great, thanks to Alan.

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