Entertainment: Death & Taxes


A Meet Joe Black quote—

Drew: “You’re not familiar with the phrase ‘Nothing is certain in this world, but death and taxes’?”
Joe Black: “Well I am now!”


I am entertained by this day.

Part of my morning was spent working on some business taxes paperwork. Another part was in dealing with the death of Alan’s car (removing it from our insurance policy). And yet another part was spent practicing two songs on the piano for a funeral.

Grandma Nina moved into a nursing care facility nearby and my sister-in-law, sister and I take turns going to see her. She reminds us all (and others) about the songs she has requested to be performed at her funeral. “I could go at any time, you know,” she gently prods. She’s been “antsy” about us getting busy practicing. She’s 94 and ready to move on. I don’t blame her with all that she’s dealt with in the past few months and longer.

The irony that today’s subjects matched one of my favorite movies made me chuckle. Just like Brad Pitt’s ingenious acting in this clip from that movie.

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