Authentic Style: Road Trip Colorado – Day 1

Authentic Style

“You elevate my soul.” – U2 – Elevation


Part of my Authentic Style (things that define my ‘taste’ in life) is my thrill of traveling. One of the reasons I fell for Alan was because he enjoys road trips as much as I do.

We were unintentionally and intentionally naive about our trip to Colorado Springs.

Unintentionally– We were going there for training AND to provide couples massages. Sweet deal, eh? We were amazed that Chaplain could swing this for us along with the other massage & training combos he’s lined up for us in the past. When Alan called to confirm things with Chaplain… Oops!, nope, we’re just going for Chaplain’s Assistant training.

We did what we always do with a typical Army LOC (lack of communication)–we sighed and regrouped.

Intentionally– We consumed ourselves with other things before we left and didn’t make plans for this trip, other than hotel reservations. Oh yeah, I did Google the map/route to our hotel around 11:00 p.m. the night before we left. We kind of like to wing-it sometimes. It adds to the adventure.

Even though the “business” part of the trip was extremely important, it was always secondary to simply getting out of town.

The timing of it could not have been more perfect since our wedding anniversary is on the 28th of this month.

As we traveled, my euphoria felt like I might as well be going to some exotic island. We were free of normal, everyday responsibilities. We were enamored by the greenness of Colorado, the awesomeness of Glenwood Canyon, and the fact that–thanks to engineer geniuses–we were veering up, over, down and literally through the Rockies. No thanks to our car crash, the up and over 10 mph switchbacks on HWy 9 through 10:00 p.m. blackness freaked me out a bit. But, thanks to our totaled car and auto insurance, we had a smooth-sailing rental to make our long trip comfy.

The best part of it was spending ten wonderful, funny, enlightening hours in the car with my Al. The journey was too good for either of us to waste time napping. As we pulled into Colorado Springs, U2’s song “Elevation” came to mind.

Our best road trip yet.

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