Spirituality: For God & Country


“God bless the USA” – Lee Greenwood


Today I went with Alan to the first day of his Chaplain Annual Sustainment Training in Colorado Springs. I was curious about the whole Chaplaincy program since Alan’s full-on Chaplain’s Assistant duties are still on the horizon (waiting for security clearance to go through and two weeks of training in Texas afterward).

I found it to be very heartening sitting in a room full of more than 150 men and women in uniform talking about the spiritual well-being of the soldiers. How do they reach them? How do they deal with the policy changes? How do they prevent suicides? How do they explain the complex strategy of repeatedly generating forces “down range” (deployment in the current war)?

Working as a federal government contractor for 3.5 years taught me how to be cynical about government promises. It also taught me to be more patriotic. My four hours with the soldiers today gave me the same two experiences. As the wife of a soldier, I’ve done plenty of eye rolling when it comes to the crassness some soldiers display with each other or the bureaucracy and wastefulness of time in the military programs. But that annoyance hasn’t overshadowed the honor of being amongst this group of men.

I feel so very blessed to live in a land where–just as took place in this training–a man can unashamedly talk of his love for and service to God and country.

That’s America for you. And that’s how it should always be.

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