House of Belonging: A Sign of the Times

House of Belonging

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, what is the significance of a clean desk?” – Dr. Laurence J. Peter quotes


Do your desk stacks get out of control? I had a boss that had a clean desk every time he left his office for the day. I didn’t people like that existed after all the other bosses I had. He was a good example to me, but old habits die hard.

I’m afraid this is just one week’s worth of paperwork. I should go through and figure out what kind of responsibility I have to them, eh? Alan reviews his mail, deals with it and files it within about 24 hours if not earlier. And he calls me Monk!

“The way you keep your bedroom is the way you will keep your house when you have one of your own.” Whenever I get these piles of clutter on my desk I remember how someone told me this once in my growing up years.

It’s a lie. My room was messy more often than not–very unlike my best friend Kacie’s. A lot of times there were trails from my door to the dresser or closet through the clothes and stuff scattered across my floor. Well… It’s my annoyance with people telling me how I’m going to be that eventually won over. Call it pride. Call it OCD, but I have thought of that statement often enough in the past 10 years or so to keep me from letting my house get the way my bedroom was as a teenager.

It is piles like this one on my desk, however, that prove it didn’t work altogether. I sure do enjoy the satisfaction of finally whipping it into OCD shape. Procrastination, anyone?

2 thoughts on “House of Belonging: A Sign of the Times

  1. I probably told you that in one of my many efforts to get my kids to keep their rooms clean. I made stuff up back then.

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