Some Day: Time, Timeliness and Timing

Some Day

“Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.”  ~Faith Baldwin


It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since my last post. Much has evolved extraordinarily.

Time. Is there ever enough?

More often than not, I believe I can get more accomplished in a block of time than I actually do, yet I still try to cram it in. This characteristic of mine has a slight tendency to make me late sometimes. When discussing my perception of time with one of my UCMT instructors, she said, “Oh, so you’re time optimistic.” It was nice to hear a positive twist on my behavior for a change. The biggest problem I have had with it is that I felt guilty for not accomplishing the tasks I had on my list.

What I’m learning from an expert on efficiency and timeliness (that being my husband), is that I don’t need to stress over what I can’t get done.

My mom told me the other day about Elder Neal A. Maxwell‘s statement that time is an earthly or mortal concept. I couldn’t find his exact quote in a hurry for this post, but essentially he said that since we came from a pre-mortal state, a place that is said to have a far different concept of time, we–as ultimate immortal beings–have a very difficult time adapting to earthly time.

My mom decided this is the best excuse for her. It makes sense, really. And I will gladly claim it as well. My mom and I can’t help that we’re time optimistic because we are immortal!

One of the hardest things to understand as mortals in earthly time is the life span of loved ones. I have two friends who shockingly lost parents this year, far earlier than one would ever expect. Then there’s an acquaintance of mine who has cancer. Six years or so ago she was thought to have little time left to live. Now, at 31 and two children later, her cancer is throughout her body. Doctor’s say it’ll be a matter of months.

There’s my uncle, who has had multiple heart bypass surgeries and has lived many years longer than expected. And there’s his mother, my Grandma Nina who just turned 94. We not only worry about her health conditions, but even more so her ability to cope with her current circumstances and wonder why she has to.

Those are the kinds of situations that cause me to ponder about the greater plan. But, as a dear friend who lost her husband to cancer in his 50’s has often said, “God’s plan is perfect.” I believe all we can really do in these cases is trust in that plan and allow the necessary alterations to be made in our lives. We can also count the blessings along the way.

Our move from Spanish Fork on Saturday will be my ninth move since 1994. Unintentionally, I have moved just about every 3 to 3 1/2 years. The first several moves were for school reasons. The last was when Alan and I got married.  The schooling was expected, other moves were not so expected like this one.

The unexpected moves have required more trust that the loose ends will find connections. They also provide more of reason for me to recognize blessings that may or may not have to do with the big change.

Some big blessings to come since I last posted have been…

  • Alan and I were able to demonstrate and educate about massage therapy at Enjoy (our new place of business) and see more excitement from the staff there.
  • To work with my Huntington clients and see their excitement of our being a permanent fixture of the area and willingness to spread the word.
  • Witness family come from four different states to surround my Grandma Nina with “not a homely one in the bunch” (her words) on her 94th birthday.

(Grandma with her great-grandchildren at her birthday party.)

  • My mom has taken steps to add longevity and quality to her life. This is a blessing to her as well as to be a blessing to the rest of us.
  • I was able to meet with a new medical clinic and take steps to add quality to my own life. I’m so looking forward to the long-term possibilities!
  • We found a “just right” place to live. How timely is it that it became official three days before we pull out of SF with a loaded moving truck? I love my parents for offering their home to us until we found a place of our own, but we’re so grateful to not have to move our stuff into a storage unit and then out again in a month or two like we thought.

The ‘somedays’ of our lives rarely come the way we plan. The timing of mortal blessings is quite miraculous. I am in awe. The greater plan most definitely includes happiness in this life.

The Big Man Upstairs knows what he’s doing.

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