Authentic Success: Inspiration

Authentic Success: Inspiration

“There are no failures – just experiences and your reactions to them.” – Tom Krause


The most important lesson I’ve been learning through being a massage therapist has nothing to do with my skills. It has been the lesson of profound goodness in people. My clients all have something important to teach me regardless of their religious beliefs, habits, hobbies or anything else. They add to my love for my career choice daily. I’m not exaggerating. Daily. They drive me to succeed.

In addition to my clients and my exceptionally supportive family, there are four ladies who have been helpful to me over the past year in aiming for success. More than anything, I admire their faith and perseverance.

The first is my grandmother whom you may have read about before. When my grandfather’s arthritis progressed so fiercely in the 50’s that he could no longer work, my Grandma Sammy took over the role of provider. She started as a secretary with no experience and worked her way up to being a Hospital and then Nursing Home Administrator. She is a constant in my life.

noname (1)

The other three lades are bloggers. The combination of their qualities–their ability to do what they want in life despite opposition, their endurance in trials, their immense talent, their creativity, and their love of Jesus Christ–all of these things are a recipe for motivation. I’ve followed them long enough that they feel like friends.

(Their names are hyperlinked to one of my favorite posts from each of their blogs.)

Mindy Gledhill – She tried out for school musicals and choirs in high school and college and never made it in. Still, she pursued her dream of singing. And now her 3rd studio album is about to be released. She hasn’t settled for less than her dream. I’ve been a fan before she really had fans in 2004 and am anxiously waiting to snatch her newest album.

Courtney Kendrick – Her talent for writing is ‘nough said, but I can’t leave it at that. I admire her humor, throwing inhibition to the wind, to be unashamed of her beliefs and still be a very successful blogger. (Here’s another one of my favorite posts of hers.)

Stephanie Nielson – She and her husband were in a horrible plane crash in August 2008. Both were severely burned–she beyond recognition, in a coma for 3 months while they grafted new skin on 83% of her body. Stephanie’s been featured on Mormon Messages YouTube and Oprah because she is able to find happiness and faith in life amidst her daily trial.

Before the crash…


My new Life Video

One thing all four of these women have in common is bad days. That inspires me as much as anything. They admit their faults. They fall. They get back up and laugh at themselves. And then they persevere, holding on to their faith as they succeed over and over again.

They inspire me.

(If you watched the Mormon Messages video of Stephanie, here’s Elder M. Russell Ballard’s address she refers to regarding blogging.)

2 thoughts on “Authentic Success: Inspiration

  1. Hi Lynsie–Thanks so much for your email–I hope it was me (Notes Along the Path) you meant to communicate with. Figures that I didn’t leave my blog address! And thank you for your detective work.
    I would love to be blog buddies–not sure what that means exactly, but I think it is supporting each other by reading and commenting?
    Very beautiful post by the way.

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