Relationships: Parker Brother

“After a girl is grown, her little brothers – now her protectors – seem like big brothers.”  ~Astrid Alauda



I’m so blessed to have an older brother who did a great job of filling the role as a protector while we were growing up. But being sandwiched between brothers has allowed me to feel that same protective-of-sister nature come out of my two younger brothers. The quote above is exactly how I feel about my two little brothers.

Parker is my brother just younger than me (by 4 years). And here is my birthday tribute for his 31st.

My Earliest Memories of You:

Convincing you to make a spy maze with me in our backyard of tumble weeds and then arguing over who got to carry Dad’s old brief case containing our secret weapons.

You being my tag along up until baby brother was old enough to be your tag along.

When you lost your four front teeth after an accident involving a Barbie Jeep with your 4 year old legs for its motor.

Being proud of your mad baseball skills.

My Fondest Memories:

Our daily after school treat of eating a stack of Oreos with milk while watching Tail Spin at the counter TV.

Saying, “Hey, Gummer? Smile!”  It was everyone’s favorite trick of yours–you would look up from eating (with your side teeth) corn on the cob like there was no tomorrow and then give us the toothless grin that was so big it squinted your eyes.

Traits That Might Signify We Chose to be Siblings in Pre-Earth Life:

We share the same birth month. Whether based on astrological signs, genetics or a brother/sister hand shake before we were born, we also share the qualities of being introverted, calm, serious (but secretly funny), patient, perfectionists and artistic.

We have a vein that circulates the need for a wide variety of and constantly new music styles.

And, oh, that knack (an obsession by others’ views) for computer technology–though I think you won the tug-o-war on that trait.

What I Admire Most About You:

Your combination of talent, dedication and brains.

And this…

You were named after a great man, our Grandpa Parker whom you also happen to resemble.
But you could also be most accurately called Photographer, Dad, Husband, Son and Brother!
Happy Birthday, Park!
Your Bigger Sister

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