Authentic Style: My Favorite Things

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” ~ My Favorite Things, The Sound of Music


I didn’t realize until I typed it, but raindrops and roses and whiskers on kittens really are some of my favorite things. My mom and dad (whom we have been living with for the past 3 months) have a few cats. Those cats have had 3 litters of kittens since we’ve been here. Alan is determined to take a kitten or two after we move to the new house.

I love their faces, their fur smell, their wobbly legs, their playfulness and if any of them are like their mom, Skippy, I will love them when they are grown. Skippy is the coolest cat I’ve ever known. But that’s a story nobody really cares about besides me.

On to just a few more of my favorite things…


It’s therapy for me– except when I’m too tired and then I’m kind of ornery about it, like today. I usually get over it–like today–when I start to see the sparkling results. It’s a form of art to me.

In light of my experience today cleaning the microwave in our new little cottage, I will share one of my favorite cleaning tips. I read it in an article from my favorite magazine, Real Simple.

To clean a microwave, pour a tablespoon of lemon juice and approx 6-8 oz. of water in a glass bowl or cup. Place in microwave and heat on high for 2 minutes. After the about 5 minutes, open the microwave and remove the bowl. Wipe down the microwave with a warm wet cloth.  Any food particles will come off easily and it leaves a fresh clean scent.

A good way to avoid food particles all over the micro (which would have been very much appreciated if the former resident of our new cottage would have used one, especially because I didn’t have lemon or a bowl), use a Microwave Lid when cooking food. And even if you have a lid, the lemon water cleaning recipe is still a good idea.

Real Simple has some awesome, awesome tips for all kinds of cleaning fun! My favorite articles of all time are “How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen” and “How to Fake a Clean House“. Real cleaning is always a good idea too, occasionally.

doTERRA Essential Oils –

Like many health remedies I’ve discovered in the past several years, there is controversy over essential oils because they have  not been approved by the FDA. And like any “health” remedy, one should use caution and wisdom. Essential Oils get a bad rap because people misuse them and self-medicate with them for every ailment. I started looking into Essential Oils a few years ago, but wanted to be sure about what I was getting into before I decided to buy. doTERRA oils are more smooth, more pure smelling and feeling than any others I’ve tried. I’m also most impressed with their company over others because of their easy to understand information and their business practices. I now use them on my massage therapy clients and for my own health.

I have been impressed with the ones I have used, but the most profound result so far is the use of Melaleuca on my face. After my worst breakout ever a few years ago, I decided to try ProActiv. It worked really well for me, but when it ran out and I had these oils I decided to give Melaleuca a try. If I didn’t like any of the other oils or know anything about doTERRA, the Melaleuca and Frankincense (applied to abdomen for menstrual cramps) would have been enough to talk me into it.

One of the cool things about this company is that you can just pay an annual membership fee ($50) to get the product wholesale (like a Costco dealy-o). The prices shown online are retail. Let me know if you are interested in getting any. I can get them for you at wholesale or set you up with a membership or even the business side.

Raspberry Leaf Tea –

I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea for my Endometreosis symptoms (severe cramps, et. al.) at the recommendation of my neighbor who was studying to be an herbologist. Actually it was his wife who suggested it. When I didn’t notice a difference I stopped drinking it (it’s not–at first–a pleasant tasting brew).

After a while I decided to try it again because I am on extreme burnout over the available options for my yuck. This time I read about Raspberry Leaf online and in books and then talked to three different people who recommended it. I discovered that I wasn’t drinking enough of it. I now drink 3 cups a day at week 4, 1, and 3 of my cycle. It is very much worth the 3 cups a day! I’m actually functional the first few days of my cycle. And I even like the taste now. I’m so grateful that I was led to this solution!

Organic Raspberry Leaf

(My new favorite brand is Traditional Medicinals.)

Zone Nutrition Bars –

I feel nearly very hungry after almost every massage, even if I ate just before the session. These days I seem to be burning more calories than I’m taking in (good for business, not-so-good for my health). To help top me off, I have tried several types of nutrition bars. Many of them are nasty (Cliff Bars for one)! I kept trying different ones and found one that I feel the greatest love of all…

Double Dark Chocolate Bar

I also like their Strawberry Yogurt bar.

These, a few of my favorite things, are soothing to my soul.

I’m very interested to hear some of your favorite things. Please share in the comments.

One thought on “Authentic Style: My Favorite Things

  1. this is going to take a little thought, and maybe deserves its own post. But I wish that cleaning was one of my favorite things. I love the microwave cleaning idea and I’m so glad you turned me onto those two articles on cleaning. Faking a clean house is usually the best I can hope for!

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