Relationships: Katie-Did

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”  ~Isadora James


Did you know that a Katydid is an insect? I may have been told that, but I just looked it up remembering that my sister was often called “Katiedid”. I’m sure she knew that it was a bug and probably didn’t like it, or maybe she just laughed…or rolled her eyes. Yeah, that’s it.

Kate, you look nothing like this!

True katydid: Orthopertera. Click on image to enlarge.

As far as the Simple Past Tense Verb “did” goes, however, it fits my sister. We all look to her with admiration for many things she did including her style, talent and wisdom.

And TODAY is her birthday!

Katie is my second oldest sister, the second oldest of us six kids. And she actually looks like this…

(photo mysteriously disappeared)

My Earliest Memories of You:

Being six years younger than you, my earliest memories are of when you were a teenager. A family favorite memory was the fact that you would sit on the bathroom counter with your feet in the sink while you applied your makeup.

I idolized you with your stylish clothes and boots, thick mascara (it was the 80’s), clean room, purses, earrings and your giant pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. Even today the smell of that gum gives me flash backs to digging in your purse. If I haven’t confessed yet, I did not only borrow your earrings (that, I believe you knew), but I stole a piece or two of gum. I know you forgive me because you remember being a snotty mean big sister to me and I don’t remember that. We’re even.

I also remember you driving super fast to church in the station wagon because we were late.

My Fondest Memories:

You and your friend Sindy playing house with me and my friend Vanessa. We were the moms and you and Sindy were our daughters. We thought it hilarious that you teenage girls had bottles (filled with Kool-Aid) and binkies.

My friend and I staying with you when you lived in Bountiful.

I’ve tried to think of a favorite memory as adults and I can’t really pin one down. Maybe that’s because you live so far away and I treasure the time when you’re around. Whenever we can visit each other, it’s always a fondest memory… Oh wait, here’s one: your rescuing me in Vegas and giving you-know-who the evil eye. Oh, here’s another: you opening the coffee table book of hunky men to Brad Pitt, walking away. Then Em would come in the room and turn it to Russell Crowe. Back and forth it went.

Traits That Might Signify We Chose to be Siblings in Pre-Earth Life (or maybe you just rubbed off on me):

We’re both nutty about period movies, losing our focus-focus-focus, quality comfy shoes, Coca-cola, dark chocolate, dutch licorice, music, getting turned around while driving, cleaning, being warm when it’s cold, being stubbornly independent, and Brad Pitt.

What I Admire Most About You:

Your ability to be in the world, but not of the world. For you (from my perspective) that means you intensely seek knowledge and joy from life, but you don’t do things just because someone else is doing it that way. You’re strength in this is far above most people I know. Because of your integrity, your sincerity comes through every act of generosity and kindness.

You are humble and graceful. These two qualities are why you make being a wife, mom, daughter and sister look easy and joyful (even though I’ve seen enough of your times to know it’s not always).

Oh and your beautiful shiny, silky brown hair.

AND of course your mad gardening skills! (This is her yard, people.)

Ok, ok…, she actually looks like this. In Italy.

(photo mysteriously disappeared)

Happy Birthday, KT!


Your Little Sister

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