Mystery: Confessions

How can we explain our love for certain things–?…Let’s not try…; let’s just attribute them to Mystery. Let’s celebrate them. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, “Something More”


How does the saying go? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure? I think the same can be said for our habits or our quirks.

This subject was stirred in my brain after having a conversation with my car pool gals about another gal in our choir who hiccups throughout the entire 1.5 hours of rehearsal. In the midst of our annoyance, we want to understand.

There’s also a guy we go to church with who sounds like he’s either constantly saying, “Hmm” or else he’s clearing his throat–loudly.

We all have our quirks though. And some can’t be helped. Maybe with medication.

My Al has an annoyance with my “dilly-dallying” which makes us late for appointments; being late goes against My Al’s grain. And for me, the way he follows his gaze with the steering wheel scares me–fear enhanced since our roll-over.

Then I think about the time I went to the temple for the first time. I was in a room separate from family who had been there before because I was being instructed. My family was in a room with many other people, waiting for the meeting to begin. When I entered the room, I knew immediately where my dad was because he cleared his throat. It was a comforting sound. It’s a sound we all, as his family, can identify as “Dad”.


One person’s habit is another person’s identity…? No, that doesn’t work.


Here’s an idea, though. If we can’t let some of those little annoyances go, we ought to at least add some quirks to the opposite side of the scale. The endearing kind. Look for enough of those to balance or tip the scale the other way.

I suppose the same could be said about accepting ourselves. If we can’t stop taking notice of our flaws, we should start adding things to tip the scale. Find those little things we can’t often (or ever) explain, those things that bring us joy on a daily basis, and celebrate them.

While I am often eager to dish out a perspective on why people do what they do,  I’m really only an expert-in-training in the field of me. So here’s a celebration of my quirks.

1. I take about an hour to get ready for the day. I can get ready in a flash if I really have to. I’ve done it many times. But what I’ve learned is that my morning “dilly-dallying” is a serious dose of anti-anxiety medication. Lately I’ve added 20 minutes of meditation to the mix.

2. I’m ready to admit that I would almost rather write than do just about anything else in this world. Almost.

3. My DVD’s (when they have a home other than the storage unit) are categorized and then color coordinated on my shelves. Not only does it look less like clutter, they’re easier for me to find. As a result I can tell you a useless piece of trivia: Most chick flicks have a white spine with the title in bright colors, mostly red and blue. Right now Cinderella Story is coming to mind… white with lighter blue, block-styled font.

4. Coca-cola is my friend. I know which gas stations have the best Coke on tap.

5. Social anxiety is my nemesis to the point of a daily battle with something a lot like agoraphobia. That explains the conclusion to #1. And maybe #4.

6. The Mateys have this habit of calling my name at 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. Half of the time I don’t hear them until just after I’ve climbed into bed. So I get up and eat some. Marshmallow Mateys are also my friend.

7. Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard play in my head at the least expected moments. The other day while walking my dog, the words “Hysteria when you’re near” came into my head. It’s also been known to happen that the lyrics “Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s doh’ooh’oh,” reels across my mind stage when I look at a beautiful sunset.

My friend Adaire wanted to know more about this darker music streak of mine (after all, I have almost every Celine Dion album) when I mentioned it in the former muse-ic post. Here you go.

It happened at a high school dance. I sat in the corner with a couple other friends thinking, “These dances are so dumb. Why do I even come?” Def Leppard’s “Hysteria” came on and I realized I didn’t necessarily only enjoy music in line with Richard Marx and Celine Dion. I like hard rock. I was as surprised as Adaire.

8. Overflowing garbage can distract me from anything. Even writing. Why have a bag if you’re going to just set stuff to the side of the garbage can? Or let it pile past the point of sinching the bag?

9. Lynsie Lip Stuff is how I was referred to at Girl’s State 1992. It was because they needed to remember my name and I was hooked on Cherry Ice lip balm. I currently have 2 tubes in my possession.

10. My favorite way to sleep is next to my puppy. He’s a good little cuddler (most of the time).

That’s enough confessing for today.

One woman’s habits are another woman’s therapy. Without it, she may look like this every day.

(See those wrinkles? This is possibly what I will look like when I’m 60.)

4 thoughts on “Mystery: Confessions

  1. I read your post in a smaller screen so the picture was hidden until I was done reading. It made me laugh so hard that Syd had to come over and see what I was laughing at; it surprised me. You’re so cute.

  2. Darling post! I asked Dad if he had read it and he laughed and said, “Yes. She is such a good writer!” I didn’t know about social anxiety. You cover it well. I have the same thing. I passed it on to several of my kids. You are a doll!

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for the Def Leppard streak reveal. Love it. I’ve been a blog reading slacker, so I didn’t get this little tidbit until now.

    I am the same with the social anxiety thing. I wouldn’t say it borders on agoraphobia, but it does seem to get worse the older I get.

    Love your blog, loved getting caught up on your writing!

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