Living on the Corner of 3rd & 3rd

In the past 7 months of living in The Cottage, we’ve come to appreciate many things.

(View of the street and our back yard. Fall 2010.)

We appreciate doors on rooms, for one; the feeling of a clean home, for another. Ah, there’s nothing like living in a construction zone. The dusting is never done, even when it’s been done.

Some adjustments we expected. Others we did not.

Aside from Main Street, the street we live on is the busiest in this city. Third East is the route to the college and this city is small. All the noises that come with that combination took some getting used to…

Snow plows grumbling by.

Water lines being replaced causing big hauler trucks passing at 7:00 a.m., rumbling the house like a little earthquake.

The Catholic church bells chiming on the hour.

Our neighborhood full of barking dogs.

College kids showing off their car’s sub woofers.

Harley-like motor bikes rumbling.

A train horn 5 blocks away, several times a day.

Car horns honking.

Passing cars–all the live-long-day. (I’ve counted 5 cars in the last 30 seconds. And today is Sunday.)

As my neighbor Cliff says, “This is no street to raise animals or kids.”

That was his response after I told him about our dog Woody’s mishap with a car three weeks ago.

Thankfully the yard is fenced and Woody has room to play and go potty, but if he escapes out that back door, it’s very difficult to catch him. That back door is his strongest weakness which is why we are careful to shut it and block him from getting to it. We weren’t home that night though when our landlord’s were working on the house. The wife came in the house and didn’t shut the door behind her. It happened fast. He was out the door. And then he chased a cat. It was dark. Across the street and down five houses, while attempting to follow the cat back across the street, the car didn’t see Woody coming.

Cliff again: “Well, did he learn his lesson?” I imagine Woody has no memory of it since he was concussed and comatose for several hours.

It’s miraculous, for sure. Besides the concussion his left front leg was injured. But now, with the exception of a slight limp that seems to be getting better every day and his jealousy of our attention to the cats, he’s made a great recovery. My landlord can’t believe it after witnessing the accident.

Living on 3rd and 3rd has been good in many ways: 1) Walk to work. 2) Walk to church. 3) Have good neighbors. 5) Free rent. 4) I appreciate many things. BUT, location, location, location.

All in all, it’s been an education. An adventure. I named this house “The Cottage” after hearing Neal A. Maxwell quote C.S. Lewis when he compared remodeling a home to remodeling our lives. Our (Alan’s) remodeling hasn’t exactly turned this cottage into a mansion, but we’re definitely not the same people after living here.

As My Al likes to say, “It’s all part of the experience.”

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