Germany: A New Home Away From Home

Walking the three blocks to work today, I looked down at my shoes and thought of the mileage they’ve covered in the five years since I bought them.

The first time I really took a good look at my new shoes in serious pedestrian action was to see cobble stone walkways beneath them. I bought them just a few days before my trip to The Netherlands; they didn’t need any breaking in–Dansko’s are like that. That is why I’ve had four pair.

My morning walk brought to remembrance another moment in Holland when I walked passed a beautiful little house in the dreamy fishing village of Enkuisen. A sign in the window read, “te koop”.  I asked my Dutch friend, Barbara, to translate. She said, “For Sale.” I stopped. And stared.

That was back in the day of finding myself.

As I stood in front of that house I wasn’t calculating my bank account to see if I could afford it, but I was seriously considering the idea of living in that foreign country indefinitely. I wasn’t just pondering the possibility, I was actually picturing it happening.

But, like a practical woman might do, I decided being near my family was more important at the time.

I found myself after that. That is to say–I found myself doing and being many things I never thought I would do and be. I found myself remarried a year later. I found myself being an Army Wife. And now I find myself making plans to be a neighbor to the Dutchies by living in Heidelberg, Germany. At the end of this month, My Al will be going full-time Army National Guard for the first time in his military career, as a Chaplain’s Assistant.

The “te koop” memory has been replaying in my head all day. How strange life can be. Call it ironic, call it the power of love for a country (My Al has always wanted to go), call it the law of attraction, call it a happenstance, call it a blessing, or…whatever.

I call it Magic of the Dansko’s!

By the end of May/first of June, the Dansko’s will be covering European soil once again. This time they (and we) will call that “home”.

7 thoughts on “Germany: A New Home Away From Home

  1. Oh wow. it is really going to happen. I am halfway jealous, but the other half of me would be very scared. Are you scared?

  2. I love the way you write. I’m so excited for your new adventures and even more excited to read about them. Looking forward to the post of how the cats do on the plane. I’m sure Sammy will have much to say on the matter.

  3. How exciting! A new adventure. I can’t wait to read all about it!

    I want to go someday, I have roots in Germany (my mom is first generation U.S. Citizen on her father’s side).

  4. I just stopped by because I haven’t looked at your blog for a while. I am so excited for you! You always talked about traveling there with such passion. You will love it, and I am so excited for you! You are an awesome example of embracing the paths life takes you on. Thank you!!!

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