Mission Control? All Systems Are Go.

It won’t be long now. And how happy I am to know that is a fact instead of a mantra I’ve been chanting.

The anticipation for my departure and reuniting with Alan feels like the countdown of a shuttle lift-off into space. With the hurdles we’ve jumped to make this dream into a reality, it’s no wonder my insides are working up to a rolling boil. In a few days I’ll be to the stage of dreaming that I missed my flight. It always comes. And I’ve flown enough to know I should regard the dream as a comfort. It’s part of the experience, an important ingredient to deepening the meaning of it all.

The last big hurdle in the process was crossed today when I held an envelope that allows my best buddy,Woody, to have his own Germany adventure. This brings my emotional state to a mix of relief and excitement as I ready the checklist in preparation for lift off.


Woody’s Int’l Microchip and post-chip-insertion rabies vaccination received? Check.

Flight booked? Check.

Woody’s spot reserved on flight cargo? Check.

My passport applied for via expedited services due to original being lost somewhere in Storage Unit Land? Check.

Required 21 days waited before Woody’s Germany Health Certificate can be signed by vet and submitted to USDA? Check.

Woody’s other Health Certificate for the airline completed and picked up within 10 days prior to departure? Check.

Off-post housing procured by Alan so Woody and I can live with him? Check.

Passport picked up? Check.

Woody’s Germany Health Certificate approved by USDA and in my hot little hands? Check.

Consolidate belongings for one year to one suitcase and one carry on? Check.

Two months apart from my husband endured (though often not-so-well)? Check.

This past month’s relaxing stay with sister and family in the beautiful state of Washington appreciated? Triple Check.

All systems check. All systems are go.

Very soon, I will be writing to you from a tiny corner of the fabulous Deutschland.


No visit to western Washington should be made without a jaunt to the peninsula. This shot of Woody’s head was taken from my phone at the end of our 0.7 mile hike as we emerged out of the dense forest onto 2nd Beach, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

4 thoughts on “Mission Control? All Systems Are Go.

  1. I have such mixed emotions about your new adventure. I am so excited for you but I have grown quit close to your little family. I will miss you dearly and count down the days until I see you again! I Love you Penticos, be safe have fun!!!

  2. Love the picture of Woody looking at the ocean. So cute. I miss him. Of course I miss you and Alan. Every time I go into Price I have an empty feeling because something is missing. BUT I am so excited for you. I can’t wait to come see you guys!

    Love your post and your writing. Looking forward to hearing all about your experience through your blog.

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