It’s All In the Details

Moving to Topeka, Kansas in 1998 rocked my world. I had never lived anywhere outside of Utah before. Even at that, I had only lived in one other small city 225 miles away from the even smaller town where I grew up.

Rolling hills, thick green foliage and dense humidity of the state capitol disintegrated my decades-old image of Dorothy’s Kansas. I grew to love the city with its hour long thunderstorms, its people and their interwoven Christianity, its marathon Fall season, its public library, my apartment, my friends, my new appreciation for family living far away. As a whole, my 3 years revolving around our law school life were fulfilling and trying in a way that makes 13 years ago seem like only 2.

Every time I move to a new place, I think about Kansas. It taught me a lot about adjusting to change. It taught me that exploration and patience will peel away the layers of my vision, allowing the details of the city to work their way under my skin.

After I had been living in Las Vegas for a while I told my mom that those cookie cutter tract homes don’t actually all look the same. Despite my misgivings about living in Vegas, there was a lot to like about it.

It’s happening again, with Germany.

I’ve learned that the plain, square dwellings of this village…

make individuality more apparent.

Those tiny yards are pristine and beautiful.

And not everyone has a small yard.

The lady on the ladder (center of photo) has the most beautiful yard in my neighborhood and a fairly big back yard with a pond, but I didn’t dare take a photo with her there.

I have learned that lace curtains are the “in” thing. The majority of windows have them.

I’ve learned that we live in an area ripe for the picking of flowers or fruit.

Okay, so I haven’t found any “frei blumen” signs yet, but I can see this hydrangea several times a day on my walks with Woody.

What I have learned is that Summers in this part of Germany are my favorite season of all time, anywhere I have lived. A few hot days, a few sweater wearing drizzly days, many cloudy days that are rarely without scattered sunshine and an average temperature of 75 degrees.

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