A Word (or 2) on Castles & Novels

Let it be declared…

Dilsberg, a district of the city Neckargamünd – 25 minutes from our home in Leimen

…that anyone visiting Germany should have read at least one novel set in medieval times.

And furthermore, it is prudent to read one such novel when a castle is nearby.

And if you don’t trust my authority…

just take my advice.


To see all the pictures of our evening in Dislberg & the Castle Illumination, click below.

Dilsberg & Neckarsteinbach Castle Illumination

3 thoughts on “A Word (or 2) on Castles & Novels

    • I did, thanks to your advice! Thanks!! By the way, I was hoping we would see you at the Stake Pioneer activity. Were you guys out of town or just slacking? 🙂

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