Ample Focus

As is the nature of an easily distracted woman, such as myself, I often find ‘staying focused’ to be the biggest challenge of my day. Since I’ve been here in Germany, I have improved in this area ten times over.

What’s the trick?

Well, the Mini Haus, for one. Since we are only supposed to be here for a year, we brought 5 suitcases between the two of us. I had my sister mail a box of stuff I didn’t want to pay the airline’s extra baggage fee, due to the extra baggage of Woody. But the rest of our stuff is in storage. It’s amazing how little there is to distract me now.

Secondly, it’s very much not cheap to live here in Europe. The rumors are true. We’re not surprised, but I’ll admit to the occasional meltdown over waiting for promises to be fulfilled by the U.S. Army (after all that’s why I came).  The positive side of that is the lack of spending euros is keeping me from being distracted by the local fare.

Ample space and time to be focused has made this past month in Germany like living a dream. I get to sleep in, exercise, take baths, read, go for long walks, write, spend quality time with Woody and revamp my blog. These things have been on the back burner for… well, years.

It’s great to experience life with a perpetual toddler, asking at least once a day, “What did you just eat?” and telling him to “Leave it!” That’s a hazard of living in a city lined with stone and pavement, I guess. Droppings of food from nearby restaurants are so enticing to the little guy. That’s why he had his own melt down. He ate a few onions. It’s been sad and ugly. In that order. Good thing he’s so stinking lovable!

Yes, you read it–my blog has been revamped. Talk about easily distracted, I felt like it was all over the place. I finally got to organize it like I’ve been meaning to. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

So in case you’re interested, I’ve grouped my posts into 5 categories, Army Wife, Inconceivable, Life in Germany, Well Being, and What Inspires. You’ll see a new menu at the top with these categories. Each of these pages connects you to a description of each category as well as a link to posts under that category. For me this is no small task. Ok, I spent hours and hours reorganizing.

But only because I had the time.

Now I should focus on that other thing I’ve been meaning to do for years. Write a book. If life in Germany goes as planned (my life never has), I will continue to have ample time and space to do just that and have more meltdowns here and there. And I constantly thank Heavenly Father profusely for it all!

I’m not even going to distract you with a picture of Germany. You need to focus on admiring my revamping.

I will, however, leave you with this photo of Woody in my parent’s back yard this past Spring. With childhood memories of lying in and soaking up the scent of this purple weed, this photo exemplifies all that is spacious and timeless to me.

Photo by My Al. This purple weed is one of my favorite smells and scenes of Springtime.

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