Reminders from Wise Ones & the Bathtub

Did I ever introduce you to my favorite part of the Mini Haus?


Maybe I’ve been keeping it a secret.

It’s not a secret, it’s just a bathroom. Our non-mini bathroom is special though.

It’s the big window that lets in so much light. It’s the shelf near the bathtub where I can set a cool glass of water or pretty things. It’s the fact that I didn’t have a bathtub during our 9 months at The Cottage. It is that, despite the fact that this is the smallest place I’ve ever lived in, this is the second largest bathroom I’ve ever had.

Maybe it’s just that someone else cleans it 3 times a week.

I had a friend once say that taking baths is gross. “Why would anyone want to lay in their own filth?” I think about that and laugh all the time because he’s a funny guy. My philosophy is there are fewer greater luxuries than having a hot bubble bath while reading a good book, easing pains, or pondering life.

Sometimes I do all three in one bath time.

5 thoughts on “Reminders from Wise Ones & the Bathtub

  1. Thanks for this post Lynsie, I to have been reading Grandma Sammy’s book at this trying time in our lives. I keep thinking about turning my kicks into boosts and what amazing journey the Lord has in store for us if this isn’t the path we are supposed to stay on. My favorite past time is sitting and pondering in the bath tub as well, I find that clarity comes so quickly, I think it is because the World is quiet at that moment and so the spirit can touch you and guide you through your decisions or contemplation’s. Thanks for keeping up with your blog, we all love to read it and see how life in Germany is treating you! Take care!

  2. Do you have any trouble ordering just plain water there? We always were asked if we wanted bottled water and we would explain that we just wanted tap water, which always confused them.


  3. It is the fact that someone else cleans it 3 times a week. That would be the kicker for me. I would live in a house a third this size if someone else cleaned it. It is pretty cute too, but wouldn’t look quite so nice if it was as dirty as mine is!

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