“I lost my heart in Heidelberg”

Where did all my ample time go?!

Today, I spent 3 1/2 hours driving to and fro, 1/3 of the time getting lost.

Yesterday, I spent 3 hours driving to and fro, one of the “fro”s up a street the wrong direction (only time so far!).

Monday, I spent 6 hours climbing up and then back down my favorite mountain with the Sister Missionaries on their P-Day.

Sunday, we had church and that about takes up the whole day.

Saturday, Alan and I had the Sisters over for lunch and then went on to a teaching appointment with them to Mannheim. That took up 6 hours: Drive. Strassenbahn. S-bahn (commuter train between bigger cities). Strassenbahn. Drive.

And before that?… I can’t remember why my time just vanished. But I’ve missed blogging so I’m here for a quick “Guten Tag” and then I have to run again.

Before we came to Germany, I had a feeling I would be involved with missionary work. Now I know why. We have the time and the Sisters need our help with teaching and various service projects. It’s been great. In fact, I highly recommend spending some time with the missionaries in a new area. Besides the blessings that come from doing missionary work, the Sisters have made fantastic culture teachers!

We said goodbye to Sister Nieman yesterday. As of today, she has been transferred to a new area. Sister Carey has picked up a new companion and stays in Heidleberg for the last 6 weeks of her mission. Tomorrow is Sister Carey’s birthday so we’re having the Sisters over for dinner and will give S. Carey a mini party in the Mini Haus. Alan will bake her a brownie cake on the stove (it tastes like a dutch oven brownie–so good!).

They hadn’t been up Philosopher’s Way yet and invited me to go with them on Monday. We had a great time. We will miss Sister Nieman.

This is in the Inner Altar Room of St. Michael’s Monastery. There is a headstone of a man who ran the monastery. There have been flowers and candles there both times we’ve gone.

“I lost my heart in Heidelberg” is a true statement for me.


One thought on ““I lost my heart in Heidelberg”

  1. I look forward to your entries. You would make a great tour guide. I’m sure the sister missionaries are loving having you along and getting to know you. Love and hugs and prayers, little one.

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