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With my husband gone for the week, I’ve found myself wanting to be a night owl, stay in my pajamas all day, and watch movies back to back.

If only I hadn’t become used to going to bed at 10 PM, my drowsiness at 9:30 wouldn’t talk me out of giving in to my old late night ways.

Or if Woody didn’t lick my face by 7 in the morning to let me know he needs to go out, the cozy duvet comforter would keep me enveloped. By the the end of Woody’s walk, I decide the day is too full of possibilities to get back under the duvet. Then knowing the cleaning ladies are coming motivates me to abandon the pajama idea, get ready for the day and then out of the way.

Now, the back to back movies? That, I am not having too much trouble with. With errands to run and a few social activities, I haven’t managed to actually watch movies consecutively in the same day. So I’m counting one day after the other as back to back.

It’s Twilight Saga movie week at the Mini Haus. I only have New Moon and Eclipse here in Germany, but I have also watched a few trailers for Breaking Dawn. As of this moment, Eclipse is playing in the background.

I think Stephanie’s saga, at its core, is pure epic brilliance. I enjoy the movies for all the ways they measure up to the novels, even if there are many ways they don’t. It’s okay that I don’t have the Twilight movie because it’s the farthest from matching my favorite of the 4 books. The others made a huge leap in attempting to hit a balance with my expectations, each one an improvement over the last. Maybe it’s the upgraded Director each time. I have great hopes for Breaking Dawnmy second favorite of the books.

There was a time when I went to the movies at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. That’s why part of me has felt caged for 3 months. That was the last time I soaked up some cinema. I haven’t gone insane yet. But only because the day of liberation via per diem is coming.

Any day now.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Nope. Still not yet.

In the mean time I’m entertained like this…

Did I mention our living room was miniature?

An art project that took many moons.

And resulted in this…

Part collage, part expressionism, part symbolism, part piece quilting. All scissor induced hand cramp. All meant to create a new world. It hangs on my wall to entice me to imagine. Besides that, it’s fun to play “I Spy” with. (I spy butterfly wings.)

There’s a story to it, particularly the parts that don’t blend with fluidity, but you’ll have to come visit us in Germany in order to hear me tell it. Don’t worry, I’ll find other things to entertain you.

I know. That’s not nearly a big enough bribe. Dang it.

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