FGF 10/4/11: Forests and Fall

This is to make up for my Favorite German Find of yesterday. It wasn’t a brief post like I promised. Nostalgia like anniversaries (even if they’re only 3 months) often gets the better of me.

Here’s a product of Germany that we just can’t seem to get enough of. It’s Alan’s favorite thing about Germany.


And since I only blogged once last week, I’m making up for that too by giving you another FGF…

Fried Apples!

I don’t rightly know that German apples are any better than other apples, BUT the fact that I had to learn how to make Apple Crisp on my two burner stove (because I don’t have an oven) earns them their moment in the spotlight.

There’s nothing better on a Sunday in Germany in the Fall than taking a drive with the roof top open (the Twingo Hoopdee has it’s perks),

a walk through the forest (the look on Woody’s face as he roamed those pathways off-leash says he wholeheartedly agrees!),

and then coming back to the Mini Haus to smell it up with my Grandma Nina’s chili and fried Apple Crisp while General Conference is going on in the background.

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