Photo of the Weekend: “How very French!”

I recently set a goal to make the most of our time in Germany by seeing something new every weekend. That’s not hard to do since it all seems new, but I want to make a better effort to make a trip of it, even if it’s just 20 minutes away.  This leads me to highlighting a “Photo of the Weekend”.

This weekend we–at last–got to go beyond the German border and see a new country. We borrowed a friend’s Mini Cooper for the day (because the Twingo can’t be trusted over long distances on the Autobahn) and went to see Strasbourg and Colmar, two cities in France. I was surprised that these towns were as different from Heidelberg area as they were considering they were both part of Germany at different times in history. That’s why the quote from the most recent Jane Eyre came to mind (Mrs. Fairfax)–“How very french!”

This isn’t the photo of the weekend… It’s just our route to give you an idea how close we are to our destinations. From our place to Colmar is about 2.5 hours. The gray line is the border between France and Germany.

This is the Photo of the Weekend:

Colmar, France

It made me think of when I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for the first time. My mom took us to see it on the largest screen available at the time. It looked 3-D even though it wasn’t (1991). As I walked through the streets, I was singing the words to “Little Town” in my head. (It’s still my favorite Disney movie.)

Both Strasbourg and Colmar have a large section of town that is closed off to cars. Colmar, especially, is full of restaurants tucked back in alley ways, pastry and confectionery shops. But I fell in love with La Cure Groumande. I didn’t get a photo of it (so see web link) because I was so caught up in tasting the little biscuits we bought. It’s right on this street…

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg (not de Paris–that’s another 500 miles west)

We had so much fun climbing the cathedral tower, having the Frenchies make eye contact as you pass them, seeing more color in the architecture and fashion, and saying “Bounjour” and “Merci”. To pinch myself (so-to-speak), I kept saying, “Alan! We’re in France!” I did the same thing after I arrived in Germany, otherwise, I’m afraid the reality of it will just pass me by.

The rest of the photos:

Strasbourg & Colmar

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