Photo of the Weekend: Sealed for Time & All Eternity

This weekend is turning out to be one of contemplation, witnesses, patience, and bravery.

We’re speaking in church today. That’s where the bravery comes in. Not so much on Alan’s part. He doesn’t really get nervous about speaking in front of fellow church goers at a pulpit. I do, on the other hand.

Patience has been needed for me and My Al, for each other in our tiny kitchen and in caring for two dogs that don’t necessarily get along.

The highlight was going to the Frankfurt Temple. That’s where the contemplation came in. Feeling the power within those walls never fails to hush my anxious mind and fill it with Heavenly Father’s light and love. It’s been a few months too long since the last time. A bonus this time was being able to witness a family in our ward being sealed together for eternity–a husband and wife with their 3 sweet children, dressed in white and all with awe in their eyes.

It’s also always a good thing to be reminded of when My Al and I were sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

There’s no place like Home of the Lord. That’s why I chose this as my favorite Photo of the Weekend.

The location and architecture of the Frankfurt Temple make it complicated to get a good shot of the entire place, so here are a few more photos.

And here is one of my favorite messages about Temple Marriage.

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