FGF 11/10/11: Kinder Überraschung

My Favorite German Find this week is the Kinder Überraschung.

Step 1: Buy the egg shaped thing and proceed to stare at it in awe. But not while holding it in your warm hands or the insides will lose form.

Step 2: Peel off the foil and resist the urge to drool.

Step 3: If you can restrain yourself from biting or licking the savory sight, pry open the egg shaped chocolate at the seem.

Step 4: Gently take out the plastic thing nestled inside and pop it open.

Step 5: Empty the jam-packed contents for an experience of wonder and amazement!

This little guy is one elephant in the series called “The Don’t Do It Yourself Elephants”.  As you can see, he’s a baby elephant with a saw. Nicht gut!

Here are all 3 of my Kinder surprises.

The green guy is a paint brush; he came with a few water color paints and you stick him around the tip of your finger. The first elephant I got is attempting to explain how he will build your house; notice the upside down plans.

These things are sold all over the world, apparently, except in the U.S.A. They are illegal to import there because a 1938 law “prohibits embedding ‘non-nutritive items’ in confections.”  (Wikipedia).

That means I can’t mail them to my family. Too bad, so sad.

Happy Meal, Shmappy Heal! Just go for the chocolate with the choke hazard in it! This is why it is very important to resist biting a big chunk out of the chocolate.

P.S. Don’t forget to eat the chocolate. It’s Italian. Need I say more?

3 thoughts on “FGF 11/10/11: Kinder Überraschung

  1. I was going to show my kids your post, but it might cause unnecessary sadness. How cute and random is that! The elephant and the saw….??? awesome! enjoy a few for me and my kids.

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