FGF #6: Blumen, Selbst Schneiden

Along the  highways in Germany you’ll see these signs:

above: not my photo but theirs; below: My Al’s photos

We pass by one of these on the way to Post, but there is one located near every village, it seems. Small fields with three types of flowers blooming in rows. And people walking in the fields, seemingly to get a close up view of the pretty flowers.

But they’re not just looking their picking… Zinnias, Gladiolas and Sunflowers.

Selbst Schneiden means = Self Service. When you find the blooms you want, simply use the provided paring knife to cut as many as you want. On your way back to your car or bicycle, you deposit your euros in the little barrel (.30 to .60 cents per Blume). Nobody is there to take your money. It’s all on the honor system.

And then you share them with your neighbors or friends, or add some life to your Mini Haus.

The disappearing bright blooms a month ago meant that Summer was heading out the door. I miss them already.

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