Photo of the Weekend: Villeroy & Boch, The Heaven of Dish Land

It’s 10:30 p.m. here in Germany. The wind outside is blustering, my hubby has started his 7 hours of ZZZ’s before 5:45 a.m. arrives, and Woody is curled up next to me on the couch. (The little guy doesn’t like to be in bed without me–the feeling is mutual.) It’s a cozy ending to an overwhelming week.

The day has come when my ample time is a distant memory. I only have myself to blame–or thank, depending on how you look at it.

Much happened that is report worthy, but I’ll get to the point of my post and blabber about that other another day.

I went with ‘The Ladies Who Lunch’ (my name for them) for the first time this week (a group of ladies from church who get together once  a month and explore different restaurants in the area). Over fabulous Chinese food, one of the ladies invited the rest of us to go shopping the next day.

Six of us piled in her Suburban and she drove us to Mettlach, Germany. We ate lunch at a great Italian restaurant and then shopped at the Villeroy & Boch outlet stores. A daughter is getting married soon and they went to pick up some wedding dishes. From there we drove through the countryside into France near the city of Luxembourg to shop at the Cora. It’s a “hypermarket” which is like a WalMart or Target super store. Only this one is French. As in fresh pastries, cheeses, baguettes, and fashion. Merci!

I gave myself a budget of 40 euros and walked out with 3.30 to spare. It was very hard to keep in budget with so many wonderful selections so the bread, cheese, cookies and shirt that I bought felt and tasted like treasure. And mold. French cheese. They eat that moldy outside. You either like it or you don’t. I think I like it… Maybe you can be undecided for a while.

There were two ladies who have been to Cora on multiple occasions. One of them lived in Paris for 18 months. She was a great guide and we had a lot of fun.

But Villeroy & Boch? Photo of the Week.

Much in this photo is the “Audun” pattern. Since my sister has a plate or two from this line, I got excited to see the stacks and snapped the photo.

I treated my two tea cups and matching saucers like gold. Even though I only paid 7 euros total. They were in the clearance section.

Ever since I inherited my Grandmother’s china cabinet, I’ve been enamored with dishes. Now that I know where the outlet store is, I may have to add to my newly started collection.

If you don’t know Vellory & Boch…, well, let’s just say their stores are ever present in Germany. But it wasn’t until two days ago that I really understood. Maybe it was the peer pressure…


I mean if I was asked to break up my china because it was the only source for making the plaster stick in building a temple, I think I could, but since that has been classified as Mormon urban legend, I’ll not worry about sacrificing my worldly possession. Peer pressure has nothing to do with the fact that it makes me happy to sip from this beautiful dainty porcelain, personally plucked from the clearance section of the outlet store in Germany.

I think I’ll go schedule my next trip to Mettlach.

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