FGF 10/31/11: Laundry Rooms in Basements

Remember this…?

(see full story here)

Well, now it looks like this…

The fire damage to our apartment building was corrected with amazing quickness, but this room took 3 months. This building has 15 apartments and we were down to 2 washers and 2 dryers. We dealt. We could always take our laundry to the facilities on Post.

Along with this ship-shape room, the use of the washers and dryers became token operated–due to the “rising cost of power” and “misuse of the machines”. Until January, our landlords are giving us a grace period to adjust to this change by providing us with tokens, free of charge. After that, each token costs 3 euro (that’s about $4.10.) I don’t have to pay a utility company so I don’t know if 2 hours of power really comes to 3 euro, but I understand the misuse bit. Just look at the top photo.

Here’s the thing I”m having a little trouble with:

One token equals 2 hours of power. You put a token in the power box and the machine has juice. But, if you don’t set your alarm and the time runs out… or if you push snooze for 1 second and then forget you did… too bad so sad–the power shuts off and your clothes are stuck until you put in another token. And there goes 3 euros down the drain!

Ah, these thoughtful Deutch. They love to keep everyone in line. They might conform me yet; today I remembered to set my alarm all 4 times (2 loads of laundry, washed and dried on Miniprogram!)

My Favorite German Find this week: Having laundry facilities within shoe-less walking distance.

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