FGF 11/2/11: My First Home Cooked German Meal

I feel like my laundry room was somewhat anti-climactic as my Favorite German Find this week. After all, I did gripe in a round about way; therefore, I disqualify it as a “Favorite”.

Here’s how I’ll make it up to you/me…


Made by yours-truly.

There’s a German gal in our ward (although it’s hard to tell she’s German by her excellent American English accent) who is married to an American–hence, being a member of the Military Ward. She grew up not far from here and had President Uchtdorf as her Bishop and Stake President during her adolescence.

Anyway…for our Relief Society Super Saturday she taught us how to make a traditional German meal. She gave us a sample to taste and it was so good I couldn’t wait to make it for Alan.

The sides pictured above are potato dumplings, called Knödel, and pickled red cabbage.

The prep photo…

It consists of large, thinly sliced steak with dijon mustard (which comes in a tube here), onions, pickles and bacon rolled into the middle. The packet shown here is a mix of seasonings that my German ward friend recommended. The seasoning packets are the only things she had her friend mail to her from Germany while she lived in the States.

This meal was an excellent crock pot dish and went perfectly with the day that looked like this…

The Leimen vineyards have finally turned yellow. Today is the day the wind blew the leaves away. There are so many leaves it will take a while for them all to disappear. But by the looks of the billowing piles of red, brown and yellow I’m amazed that there are any leaves left on the trees.

How I love Germany in the Fall. And Rouladen.


My friend’s recipe:


Rouladen meat (if you can’t find it you can also use thin cut round, but it needs to be long enough to roll about 3 times)
Dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
chopped onion
chopped or sliced dill pickles (german pickles – Gewuerzgurken)
optional: chopped parsley
1 – 2 slices of bacon per piece of roulladen – fat is good for the flavor!
wooden toothpicks or butcher’s twine

Pound meat for extra tenderness, season with salt and pepper, spread mustard generously on one side. Top with onions and pickles to taste.  Don’t worry to use generously as the flavor will be absorbed by the meat and you won’t taste the individual ingredients later.

Add strip(s) of bacon. Roll meat up, start on wider side.  Secure with tooth pick or butcher’s twine.

Place Rouladen in single layer in crock-pot.  If I have left over chopped onion or pickles I sprinkle these over the meat.

You can now pour a seasoning package mixed with the called for amount of water over the meat.  If you don’t have the Roulladen Mix (Maggi or Knorr) you can add a bay leaf, a few quartered tomatoes and slices of carrots and a chopped up celery stem as well as about 1/2 C of beef broth.  This makes an o.k. broth but is not as flavorful.

(Lynsie’s note: I read a recipe for this online where they used Lipton Onion soup mix along with the veggies mentioned–if you don’t have the German spice mix.)

Cook until the meat is tender. We love ours to “fall apart” so I usually cook them at least 4 hours on high and then on low until we are ready to eat.  Turn half way through to avoid drying meat out.

If you don’t have a crock-pot you can fry the meat in a pan with about 20g of lard or butter.  Fry fast from all sides to close pores then let simmer covered for about 1 – 1 ½ hours, turning once.  If needed add more broth.

Serve with potatoes and a jar of Rotkohl (pickled red cabbage) that has simmered for about an hour (you may add grated apple if desired).  We love Knödel (potato dumplings) or mashed potatoes the best.

Guten Appetit!

10 thoughts on “FGF 11/2/11: My First Home Cooked German Meal

    • You don’t need to send me some money. It is on sale for 44 cents this week. I’ll go buy a bunch and send to you and you can share.

    • I know it sounds strange, but it’s really good! If you’re not a pickle, mustard, or onion fan, the blend of the flavors is perfect.

  1. It looks sooo good! I want to make it! Are the dumplings just mashed potatoes? what did you serve on them or it? It is beautiful besides looking yummy.

    I loved last week’s blog about the favorite thing being within walking distance in bare feet.

    I love this blog. It is such a great idea! You life may not always be exciting, but I’ve learned that by focusing on one neat thing every week, it sounds like it is exciting ALL the time.

    I also want to hear more stories about Pres. Uchtdorf as bishop.

    • Yes, the dumplings are basically potato flakes in a small package to form them into a firm ball after they are boiled. The German stores sell them prepackaged that way. You just throw the round package in the boiling water and then cut the wrapper off. I’ll send you some.

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